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We salute all American Manufacturers.

The Fryer MB-10Q Made in the USA & sold by us.
The Fryer MB-10Q Made in the USA & Sold by Us.

October is manufacturing month and we take this time each year to salute all American Manufacturers.

They are and always will be the backbone of this Country.

As we have shared before, we come from a long line of manufacturing workers.

From our grandfather Baker who built tires in the Akron Firestone plant, and another grandfather, Dannemiller, who was a welder on one of the first nuclear submarines, to other Rossi family who came to Akron to find a career at Firestone Tire Company, to my father, Howard Baker who made brake shoes for American air planes, and finally to Rossi Machinery Services, Inc., our company, it is very powerful & satisfying to create, build, manufacture, rebuild & repair tangible things and sell it to the world.

Mike Rossi, founder & master rebuilder sells & services industrial equipment
Mike Rossi, Founder & Master Rebuilder. Sells & Services Industrial Equipment

The pandemic opened our eyes on supply shortages and being at the mercy of foreign companies to supply our needs.

Coming from this long family history of manufacturing, we always felt that to keep our companies manufacturing in the United States, with American workers was not only a smart way to keep our Country #economicallystrong by providing needed goods to the world markets, but also to keep our Country secure by building the essential components, and products for #defense, #medical, #government, #aerospace & many other companies who would benefit from a supply chain right here in the United States.

ACU-RITE® MILLPWR G2 placed in Battelle in Columbus, Ohio
ACU-RITE® MILLPWR G2 placed in Battelle in Columbus Ohio

The shortage of masks caused a panic among some people & serious medical concerns when nurses needed the N95 masks when caring for Covid patients , but #Battelle in #Columbus #Ohio stepped in to engineer a process to clean those N95 masks for the hospitals.

This is American ingenuity at its best.

Likewise there were countless companies working on different solutions to the many problems that the Covid pandemic created. American manufacturers are simply the best companies in the world.

We engineer and manufacturer better than any other country. The push to bring manufacturing home, to teach it to a new generation and to provide a well-paying & rewarding career to those who love to create, will provide this Country with the lead in the future of manufacturing. No one does it better than the United States workers.

Our innovation, ability to adapt, and our dedication to the work, is something to salute.

We love manufacturing and that is why despite entering the field at the time when manufacturing was fading, we knew that we were doing noble work. It gives us such satisfaction to diagnose a problem, bring the solution & support our industrial customers long after the sale. We have customers from every type of industrial & manufacturing firms.

Rossi Machinery Services sells all types of Industrial Equipment.
Rossi Machinery Services sells all types of Industrial Equipment.

What does Rossi Machinery Services provide to manufacturing?

In a nutshell, we provide products & services to manufacturers. We keep your machines running, we rebuild your machine tools back to new machine tolerances and we offer every possible product you might need for all types of manufacturing & all types of industrial companies. Just some of the product lines are: #Jetequipment, #Baileighindustrial, #Powermatic, #Wiltonvises, #edwardsironworkers, #acermachinetools, #airtools, #airfiltration, #welding, #hoists, #tools.

From New Machine Tools to replace #legacyequipment, to #Acu_rite & #Heidenhain, #Fagor for measuring /feedback to all types of industrial equipment , we make it happen.

And we do it by selling at the lowest allowable pricing, but also with our full technical support & services with everything we sell. Not very many companies can offer this.

We are the experts & our mission is to provide the very best solutions at the most affordable pricing & to keep you as our customer for years to come. There is a reason that we have customers dating back over 30 years. We are a different sales company, starting with the service in our name. We support you -long after the sale.

We provide the best, most affordable solutions & support everything we do.
We provide the best, most affordable solutions & we support everything we do. Not everyone can claim that!

And so as September is done and October, #Manufacturingmonth, begins, we salute all those companies, large, small or mom & pop shops, that work to provide the parts, products, and widgets that make the world go around. Thank you #manufacturers for your creativity, & ingenuity and for moving manufacturing into the future.


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