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"The Key to Our Customer Loyalty: What Makes Our Customers Repeat Customers"

What is the key to Rossi Machinery Services' customer loyalty? To understand what makes our customers repeat customers, we offer a few differences that set our company apart from other distributors.

Mike Rossi, Founder of Rossi Machinery Services offers affordable machines for your shop and he services all he sells.
Mike Rossi, Founder of Rossi Machinery Services makes your purchases informed, affordable, and services all his sales.

First, we started our company as a service company which allowed us to provide valuable, affordable and lasting fixes to our customer's machines. Our roots in machine rebuilding gave us insight on how machines are built, how they were meant to perform and how to keep them running.

Then we took our mission "to serve" farther.

We integrated our service into our sales, beginning with the two high precision, well known, quality companies in the industry: HEIDENHAIN and ACU-RITE®. They were our first two product lines and we chose them for their excellence, for their industry-leading product lines and their commitment to advancing the industry.

Along with the sales of these products, we offered our expertise in machine tools to assist our customers in selecting the right system for their machines.

Our installations and service on the HEIDENHAIN & ACU-RITE® products come with an expertise that only a service technician can know and Mike Rossi knows. With over 35 years in the field, he has not only rebuilt machines but installed, troubleshot, repaired and upgraded them. There is not much that he hasn't seen or done.

Today with all the machine tools, industrial equipment sales, accessories, attachments and parts that we sell, we continue that dedication to service. That's why we have service in our name. It gives us a sense of satisfaction knowing that we guided our customers to the right product, machine or solution.

Our customers' satisfaction in knowing that they chose the best equipment provides them with the knowledge that we are committed to take the time and focus on what solution will best serve them.

Second: Part of our mission to our customers is honesty. We don't sell to you if we really can't find a good solution for you and we will say so. We offer you the pros and cons of each machine. This gives our customers a clearer picture of what they are buying. Our honesty provides us with that word of mouth recommendation that is the best type of advertising. We want our customers to trust us to provide them all the facts - and we do.

Third: We go farther than most distributors with our machine tool sales:

Mill and lathe were installed, leveled and hooked-up
Whether it is a lathe, mill, machining center or equipment, leveling and hook up is part of the installation

When we sell a machine tool, industrial machinery or a piece of equipment, we meet the machine at your shop, and install it on the floor of the shop.

That means we don't just place it and go; When we say that we install it we mean we set it into place, wire it, and level it- all very different from just dropping the machine on your floor.

Did you know that having a level machine tool can make all the difference in its performance? It can.

In addition to our installations we like to give our customers an overview and answer any questions they might have before we leave. We like to say that we "Go the Distance" on our sales.

Lastly, we are there after the sale to inform, support and service what we sell. Not every distributor has the knowledgeable staff that can actually work on your machine. Unfortunately, many distributors just don't have the technical people to service your machine.

With Rossi Machinery Services we are sales and technical support and service all wrapped into one. This gives us a unique insight on the whole of your project. We are there from start to installation and beyond.

A good example of our expertise comes with our new distributorship: JET Equipment comes with these lines: JET, ELITE, Edwards Ironworkers, Baileigh Industrial, Powermatic and Wilton Vises.

Because of our expertise, JET made us a authorized service center for them. That is saying a lot about our talents.

We simply have the expertise to offer your more. And we do.

Rossi Machinery Services sells equipment but also services all we sell.
We service all our sales .

Service is more than turning the wrench, for us it is guiding you through the sales process, by informing, educating and sharing our expertise to find the right piece of equipment for you. Service means delivery of the machine, placing it onto the production floor with leveling, hooking it up and showing you around. We take the time to ensure that you have a great buying experience and will return like so many of our customers have done since 1995. Give us a call.


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