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Replace your old legacy equipment with these quality high-performing machine tools!

ACER Machines make great replacement, additional or second operation machines for any shop!
They offer new technology, better performances and the longevity you need when buying a machine.
They produce the finished parts that you demand of your equipment.

We think they make a great choice!
ACER Offers Special Package Pricing. Get more machine for your money. 



ACER has grown over the years with increasing quality, performances & builds in their many machine tool offerings.

We like the quality of the Meehanite castings,  the many standard features and the variety of optional equipment. 

ACER is simply an affordable,  high- quality choice in a machine tool.

ACER E-Mill set at the Akron Customer's shop
ACER 5VK machine


From ACER's smallest mill, the 3VS with the table measuring 9" x 42" or the very popular 3VS-II that comes with a 9" x 49" table to the largest 6VK with the beefy Meehanite casting weighing 4960 lbs., we have an E-Mill to fit your shop's needs. 

Each mill is built with the same standards, Meehanite Castings and added features so you don't have to "buy up" to get better quality.  

Milling machines make your shop run smoother for fixes, production, milling, drilling or boring applications.



ACER offers a great CNC E-Mill™ ,offering  you a choice of a FAGOR Control or the ACU-RITE® MILLPWR G2.


Schools, large manufacturing firms, job shops & small shops alike use these powerful CNC mills. 


  • ACU-RITE MillPWR CNC controls.

  • 3 HP inverter motor for high torque output.

  • C.N.C. vector-type AC frequency drive.

  • Infinite 0-4500 RPM constant spindle speed, change in no time (0-4 sec).

  • Machine can run on single or three phase without changing the wiring.

  • Low maintenance and down time cost because no plastic insert, key, and moving pulley.

  • No R.P.M. changer break down, but accurate reading on R.P.M. to prolong tool life.

  • Electronic and mechanical brake for fast spindle stop.

  • No belt slippage for high efficient torque output.

  • Boring and tapping application.

  • Save energy costs up to 35%.

  • Looking for a Fagor Control? ACER provides them as well : Your Choice. 

  • At Rossi Machinery we will help you compare the two controls for your informed decision.


See the quality of the ACER E-Mill™ automatic lubrication system, power feed, power drawbar & many other optional accessories. 

School with the ACER Millpwr G2 for teaching CNC machining.
Rossi staff shows customer how their CNC mill works.
Close up on the E-Mill's table, lube



The ACER E-Head™ is one of the best investments in upgrading your existing mill. When your milling machine's slides are in good shape, but the spindle is noisy and sloppy, the ACER E-Head™ is a direct replacement for all Bridgeports and most imports!

E-Heads have better technology: No more belts, plastic keys or old technology

With a 3HP inverter duty motor, Toshiba VFD, electronic and hand braking, a large easy to read RPM display, back gear and a chrome spindle quill, this E-Head™ is the right choice for milling head issues. 

This unit is prewired and the VFD is mounted in a fan cooled Nema 1 enclosure. 

 Special Pricing: $4,250.00 for the 3HP R-8 Spindle * The 5HP is slightly more. 

close up on the E-Head

This E-head™ comes with an Electric Cabinet with an inverter & resistor. 

The E-Head has a boring and tapping application

The E-Head™ is a favorite with our customers, & schools.

It has the technology to greatly improve your mill's performance. 

10 Reasons to Go E-Head™

Installation is a breeze! But our technicians can offer installation if you want our installation services. We are a full service & sales company.

Our technician installs the E-head at large company
ACER Bed Mills


Prentke-the 2bedmills0523

Two Are Better Than One!

Pictured : Wooster  Medical Manufacturing Customer purchases their second ACER rigid-head bed mill.

Our customer was so pleased with the Bed Mill that they returned to work with us on the next one. 

This new Bed Mill is placed next to the original Bed Mill

ACER-Prentke new ATM-1054-II delivered.
This ACER 1054-II is set up on the customer's floor by us.

The ACER Rigid Head Bed Mill

ACER Rigid Head Bed Mill


ACER-em-bm1454b machine

Delivered to You, Installed, Leveled &  Power Hooked Up by Us.
We go the distance for our sales.

Contact Us Today

The ACER CNC BED MILL is a great choice for replacing your old mills.

They offer:

Manual, Conversational, G-Code, CNC, 3 Axis with graphics and help screens which offers value to staff of varying skill levels. 

These Bed Mills feature the Fagor or Millpwr G2 control. We can review the differences of these two great controls to assist you in choosing.


AND They Feature:

  • Comes with the E-Head™ with all its solid technology & performances.

  • 5HP Variable Speed, 0 to 3650 RPM Toshiba Vector Drive & Inverters Motor.

  • These Bed Mills can run on 220V Single or 3 phase power.(440V is optional).

  • These Bed Mills come with extra large travels, in X-28", Y-20", Z-21" and 24" Centerline of spindle to machine column accommodates large work pieces. 

  • Offers and efficient and easy machine set-up with full manual or CNC operation under 25.5" of spindle nose to table machines machining tall parts easy.

  • The Bed Mill comes with the heavy duty CAT-40 Taper Spindle, Auto Lubrication, Dual "E" Stops, USB port and a large graphic display panel.

  • Built with the Meehanite casting for precision and vibration free machining. 

  • Precision harden and ground with Turcite B. Way.

Prentke-NewACER1054-ii on the floor. Set up is happening in the picture.

The ACER Swivel Head Bed Mill.

Swivel Head Bed Mill




For the most demanding of jobs, ACER Lathes are your go-to industrial equipment.

With these top-performing lathes, you can produce high-quality parts quickly and efficiently.

The E-Lathe™ is a variable speed frequency-driven lathe, while the Dynamic lathes are the gear-head lathes.

Standard Accessories include: Gap Bed, Built-in Coolant System, Face Plate, Touch-up Paint Tool Box w/ Tools. Operational manual, Four Way Tool Post, Halogen Light.

Optional Accessories are available on each E-Lathe™ or Dynamic Lathe. Accessories differ per model. 

ACER gear-head lathe
ACER Grinders


ACER Grinders are the best in the industry. Built with the same high quality standards as their other products, ACER offers a great selection of grinders to meet all your needs.

We are proud to support all our sales, providing you with exceptional customer service and technical support to ensure that your ACER grinder performs at its best for years to come.


ACER  Supra 618AH-II grinder

Features (2-Axis Auto Movement):

  • Working Capacity: 6" x 18"

  • Automatic Hydraulic Table Feed on X-Axis & Motorized Y-Axis.

  • High Tensile Meehanite Cast Iron Base

  • Double V Railings and "Turcite B" Coated on Crossfeed.

  • Indexable Table Handwheel; Downfeed Handwheel at Machine Base.

  • Auto Lubrication Pump

  • CE Standard Electrical Components

ACER SUPRA-618-II w/Standard Accessories


  • Elevating Handwheel at Machine Base.

  • Ball rolling table; Belt Drive

  • Auto Lubricator; High Tensile Meehanite Casting.

  • Cast Iron Base: Double V Turcite B Crossfeed Way.

  • Indexable Table Handwheel; Waist-side Downfeed Mechanism.

  • CE Standard Electric

  • Working Capacity: 6" x 18".

*Note: Please double check pricing with us to verify the price is up-to-date.

ACER supra 618ii grinder
ACER Double Column Grinder

ACER's Double Column Grinder. 

ACER Supra Grinder
ACER AGS Grinders


ACER EMC-2240A machining center

ACER offers a full line of powerful machining centers.

Whether you are looking for a VMC or an EMC, ACER covers them both.

ACER utilizes both the ACU-RITE® G2 control or the Fagor Control, both of which we distribute & support.

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