When it comes to a machine tool purchase, we recommend looking at all of your options.

We provide an array of new CNC & manual machine tool lines that fit into every machine shop.  Working with our staff, you get the expertise on the best machine tools that only a machine tool rebuilder can provide. We work to ensure you get the right CNC or manual machine tool for your specific applications: That matters.

ACER, LeBlond Lathes, LeBlond Saws, LeBlond Mills and Drills, K.O. Lee Grinders,

K.O. Lee Tool Cutters; & Fryer Machine Tools

ACER 5VK one of the biggest mills ACER has.

ACER Machine Tools manufacture the finest manual machine tools: mills, lathes, and grinders. They also offer CNC machining centers, Bedmills & CNC E-Mills.


ACER is our longest distributorship, ACER offers an excellent machine tool with the emphasis on the builds, the controls, & performances. 


From our medical manufacturers to industrial plants & manufacturers, we have placed ACER in many different types of manufacturing facilities.


Our sales & tech people can help find the right ACER CNC or manual machine tool for you.

ACER grinder model-Supra1020
LeBlond RKL-2590GH lathe placed in Akron OH

 LeBlond has been a pillar in turning manual machine tools since the 1800's & they remain so today. 

Their commitment to keeping the quality in their manual machine tools is evident in today's offerings.

LeBlond also offers all the machine tool accessories to upgrade & enhance your new machine tool.

LeBlond has longevity; we have rebuilt so many of them.

Over the years, LeBlond has expanded their offerings to include mills, drills, & saws.

Their lathes come in three different sizes with machines for the smallest jobs to heavy-duty large piece turning. 

LeBlond-Vertical-Mill-LVM-12 SERIES


LeBlond Ltd. 

  • The LeBlond has a line of saws - horizontal or vertical .

  • They offer two types of mills - standard manual mill & a CNC mill.

  •  And finally, they offer quality drills.

  • Like LeBlond, K.O. Lee has a long history beginning 1887 in Aberdeen South Dakoda as a farm machinery sales company.

  • Their story of quality & reliability continues & in 2008 K.O. Lee became part of the LeBlond family of manual machine tools. 

  • LeBlond liked that K.O. Lee Grinders are quality grinders for all of your grinding needs.

  • LeBlond purchased K.O. Lee & keeps their commitment to quality manual machine tools whether you need a lathe, a mill, a grinder, a saw or a drill.

  • LeBlond has a manual machine tool for your shop.



Fryer Machine Systems has built their company on these principles:

  • Designing & Building Quality Machine Tools in the USA.

  • To Provide customers, the ability to customize their CNC & manual machine tools.

  • With their high-tech facility in New York, it is very easy to customize your CNC or manual machine tool.

  • They provide the option to upgrade your CNC machine tool in the field too. It's easy to add a feature right in your facility.

  • Strong warranties, excellent support & innovation in all their CNC or manual machines makes them a great choice to look at.

  • They provide a flexibility that not all machine tool builders offer.