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WILTON® has a clamping device that covers every type of clamping you might need. From the complete line of C-Clamps to their full line of  F-Clamps these clamps come from WILTON® who has the been

Holding Strong Since 1941!

As your Industrial Equipment Supplier, we make it easy by offering the accessories too!


Wilton® C-Clamps are ideal for steel fabrication and industrial welding. Each has a drop forged construction, an ACME rolled black oxide coasted and copper-plated spindles for durability and resists welding spatter, replaceable Perma-Pads®, and a V-grooved anvil for secure holding of all materials.


wilton-C-clamp14599 Features

The Brute Force™ 0-Series C-Clamp features 12 different models each with different nominal opening capacities, throat depth, clamping force and spindle size.  

Brute Force™ 100 Series C-Clamps

The 100 Series of C-Clamps have 6 options in sizing, ranging from model 103 with 0-2-15/16" nominal opening capacity with a throat depth of 1-1/16" a clamping force  of 5,600 lbs and a spindle size of 7/16".m The largest available in the 100 series is model #112 that boasts of a 7-11/34" nominal opening, a throat depth of 2 -7/8" with a clamping force of 15,000 lbs with a spindle size of 3/4".  

Wilton-c-clamp 100series-14128

Classic 400 Series™

Wilton's Classic 400 Series™ comes with two types of C-Clamps: HI-VIS and the regular type.  Each type has 7 models under their class, totaling 14 different models in the Classic 400 Series™. Need help choosing? We are here to help!

Wilton-400 series-14298
Wilton-Class400-C-clamp-14307 HiViz

Spark-Duty™ 400P C-Clamps

Like Wilton's other C-Clamps there are choices! The Spark-Duty™ comes in both the Hi-Vis or the traditional grey. With 14 different models you will have no problem finding the right C-clamp for your applications.

Wilton-spark-duty hi-viz-20487

400 Series Columbian C-Clamps

Wilton's 400 Series: Columbian C-Clamps are no different than their other offerings. This series boasts of 7 different models from the clamping force of 3,500 lbs. to 9,300 lbs. Find out more.

Wilton-400series- Columbian20307


Wilton's 540 Series Carriage C-Clamps have 9 models that cover so many sizes you will have no problem finding the right size for your application.

Wilton-540series c-clamp22009

140 Series Carriage C-Clamps:

Rounding out Wilton's C-Clamps are the 140 Carriage series, the 140 Deep Reach Carriage Series, and the 140 X-tra Deep Reach Series of the Carriage C-Clamps. Need a C-Clamp Kit? Wilton has those too.  Call Today.

Wilton 140series-C-clamp41408 carriage type
Wilton -C-clamp kit -11117



WILTON'S expansive selection of welding F-Clamps includes a unique series of Spark-Duty™ Copper Plated F-Clamps. These spatter resistant copper spindles deflect welding spatter, ensuring smooth lifelong usage and care-free operation extending the life of the tools. It's no wonder that WILTON® has been Holding Strong Since 1941.


WILTON's SPARK-DUTY 4800S series features 5 different models with good ranging of sizes, with all featuring a throat depth of 7" and a clamping force of 4,880 lbs.

Wilton-lever clamps-86800


The WILTON Welders shoe clamp system is stock number 63295 & its nominal opening capacity is 8 -1/2",with a throat depth of 5-1/2", a nominal rail size of 1-3/16 x 9/16", clamping force of 2,600 lbs and a nominal spindle diameter of 3/4".WILTON offers a replacement shoe for this clamping system.

Wilton-spark duty63295

Other F-Clamps

  • Classic Heavy-Duty F-Clamps

  • Classic Regular-Duty F-Clamps

  • Classic Light-Duty F-Clamps

  • Mini F-Clamps

  • Lever Clamps

  • F-Clamp Kit

Wilton -light duty f-clamp86100
Wilton-regular duty fclamp86200
Wilton-lever clamps-86800
Wilton f clamp kits11116
Wilton mini f-clamp86000
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