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Fagor Automaton


As An Authorized Fagor Distributor, we offer the Fagor Lines as another alternative to the other measuring systems out there.

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Feedback Systems for Manual Machines

Feedback Systems for conventional machines

Linear and rotary standard range encoders

Types of incremental encoders

  • Linear encoder: Ideal for milling, grinding, lathe and boring mill applications requiring federates of up to 120 m/min and vibrations of up to 10 g.

  • Rotary encoder: Used as a measuring sensor for rotary movements, angular speeds and also linear movement when connected to a mechanical device like ball screw. They are also used on various types of machine tools and robotic applications.


Measuring Methods
Fagor Automation uses two measuring methods in their incremental encoders:

  • Graduated glass: Linear encoders with a measuring length of up to 3 040 mm and rotary encoders.

  • Graduated steel: Linear encoders over 3 040 mm measuring length.


Fagor offers systems that span 2, 3 or 4 Axis Milling.


For lathes, Fagor offers systems that will accomodate 2, 3 and up to 4 Axis.


Fagor offers one and two axis digital readouts as well as a system for grinders. 

fagor dro for mills
fagor_Dro Lathes-301i
FAGOR offers Prokits for mills.

Feedback Systems for CNC

Linear Encoders
Fagor Automation uses two measuring methods in their absolute linear encoders:

  • Graduated glass: Linear encoders with a measuring length of up to 3040 mm.

  • Graduated steel: Linear encoders with a measuring length over 3040 mm


Angular and Rotary Encoders
Fagor Automation uses the graduated glass measuring method in their absolute angular and rotary encoders.

This measuring method has two different graduations:

  • Incremental graduation: Used to generate square incremental signals for systems that use digital position input and are counted internally by the reader head. Alternatively 1 Vpp analog signal is also produced based on the system requirement.

  • Absolute graduation: It is a unique binary code which is imprinted along the measuring length of encoder.

Metal forming

Self-guided optical linear encoder with integrated bearings.
Mainly, but not exclusively, intended for press brakes and shears.

The linear encoder especially designed with a resolution of up to 1 μm, with a user-selectable reference position and with cable exit at either end of the reader head for a more versatile machine design.

The robust design, the mentioned characteristics together with both types of couplings (rod and flexible) offer the perfect solution to manufacturers of machines, forming equipment and cutting with the best quality-price ratio on the market.

FAGOR Automation scales. We are your distributor.


From Lathes, Mills, Cutting, Other Applications to Turnkey Packages, there is a Fagor CNC control for you.  As your authorized FAGOR Distributor, we will walk you through the process, offering our long history & experience in the field to guide you through the process.


CNC 8064 elite T:  

Designed for parallel Lathes with optional C-axis and intended for on-machine operation, without the need for advanced programming knowledge.

CNC 8060 elite T:   

Designed to suit the needs of slant bed lathes and large production lathes, offering the latest technology.

CNC 8058elite T:

Designed to control high production turning centers, vertical lathes with inclined bed, parallel, double turret (TT), etc.



CNC 8065 elite M:

Designed to provide solutions for machines with high speed and precision requirements: 5-axis machining centers with RTCP, gantry milling machines and boring machines, offering the latest technology.

CNC 8060 elite M:

Designed for high speed machining centers and precision mold making, offering the latest technology.

CNC 8058 elite M:

Designed for small-medium size milling machines and machining centers, for classic machining jobs, without requiring advanced programming knowledge.

Fagor offers CNC controls for cutting applications as well.

CNC 8070 elite L

Solution based on the 8070elite-L CNC and the Quercus drive system, providing the best performance for 3D Laser cutting, Tube Laser and Laser Blanking requiring high speed, precision and interpolation of 5 or more axes.

CNC 8060 elite L:

Solution based on the 8060elite-L CNC capable of managing EtherCAT drive systems, providing good performance and optimum cost for Plasma, Flame Cutting, Waterjet and entry level Laser cutting machines.



Fagor covers all the bases with their Turnkey Kits, offering Turnkey for Machine Applications, for Turning CNC Systems and for CNC Milling Systems.  Each package comes Pre-engineered CNC & Servo Package custom built per customer specications and fully functional upon arrival.

Pre-engineered CNC & Servo Package custom built per customer specications and fully functional upon arrival.



fagor -bedmill-turnkey-package





Pre-engineered CNC & Servo Package custom built per customer specifications and fully functional upon arrival.


  • Conversational Tool-Offset mode allows for quick and easy tool setting

  • Interactive ICON based conversational programming system.

  • One screen – one operation, fill in the blanks & press cycle start

  • Numerous predefined milling & turning cycles for ease of programming

  • Built-in Mini CAD/CAM system

  • Powerful Teach-in mode standard

  • Tool path and solid graphic simulation standard

  • Unique & Powerful Dynamic Tool Inspection mode also standard

  • 10.4″ Color TFT LCD screen

  • 4th axis ready and capable

  • Most Powerful Standard Servo Motor system offered!

  • X,Y,Z Ball Screws and X,Y,Z brackets (milling)

  • Smart Z axis quill mount including linear encoder & cable   

Other Packages Include:

  • TURNKEY PKG for CNC Turning  Systems

  • TURNKEY PKG for CNC  Milling Systems.

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