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No Better, High-Quality Affordable Measuring System than ACU-RITE®

As your Industrial Equipment Supplier we have the expertise to sell you the right system for your specific applications & we support all our sales.

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ACU-RITE Digital Readout systems are glass measuring systems with a long history of lasting quality, reliability & longevity. As your authorized distributor, we work hard to ensure that your purchase is what you need for your application.


Readout Systems
DRO203-header (1)-min


The most powerfully versatile & popular DRO System/ Readout: DRO203

The most popular digital readout system in the machine tool marketplace, the DRO203 incorporates 7-inch color display technology with versatile software.

Designed & manufactured in the USA, ACU-RITE readouts are the first choice

of machine tool builders and  users alike.


acu-rite DRO300-header-min

The Most Complete System: DRO300

The most complete digital readout system in the machine tool marketplace, the DRO300 has full part program capability, 99 tool offsets and multiple DRO displays along with standard input/output capability and edgefinder probe support all on an easy to read 7-inch color display.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, ACU-RITE readouts are the first choice of machine tool builders and users alike.



One Axis DRO.  For Basic Uses

What is the difference between DRO100 and DRO203 and the DRO300?
The ACU-RITE® DRO100 is the entry level basic digital readout system.  

  • In the 100 series, DRO101 works with one axis, DRO102 two axes and DRO300 three axes.

  • The DRO203 model works with two or three axes from A to Z and Z0.

  • The DRO100 series provides the most popular readout functions.

  • The DRO203 provides those, plus convenient milling- and turning-specific functions.

Digital Readout Features:

Both the DRO300 & DRO203 have the same powerful basic features, providing better accuracy, less waste & better production times. They pay for themselves. 

ACU-RITE® provides a ROI calculator so that you can see for yourself!

Turning-specific features

  • Lock axis feature

  • Instant radius/diameter conversion

  • Taper calculator

  • CSS (option)


Dynamic zoom

  • The currently moving axis can be geographically highlighted.

  • In “dynamic zoom” mode, the position value is zoomed to its maximum size depending on the number of digits.

  • This greatly improves legibility—especially from a great distance. Click here to see Dynamic Zoom in action.

Milling-specific features

  • Bolt hole pattern calculations with graphics (full and partial circles/linear patterns)

  • Centerline calculation enables you to establish workpiece zero and midpoints

  • Edge finder input

  • I/O (option)

Day/night switching

 Depending on the ambient-light conditions at the machine, you can switch the screen of the DRO300 to a light or dark background.


Installation Guide is included in the program, walking you through the set-up. 
Rossi Technicians can also help with set-up. It's easy and fast & your get our full technical support



Rossi Specials

At Rossi Machinery Services we are dedicated to the teaching of our trade. In partnership with ACU-RITE®, WE OFFER "DISCOUNTS FOR THE TEACHER". 


Manufacturing Careers provide excellent paying jobs, with a high satisfaction rate. Knowing that  you are manufacturing something tangible for the market brings a sense of accomplishment. 

ROSSI MACHINERY has long supported our trade and this is one way we can do help teach the trade.  

ACU-RITE's products are utilized throughout the industry & as their authorized distributor, we make buying easy. We sell, support, install & service all our ACU-RITE® products.


We are factory-trained for working on the systems. 

Upgrade your classroom with these powerful tools. Call Today

Get a cool 35% off the list price on an ACU-RITE® DIGITAL READOUT KIT.

Want to get a CNC for the classroom?

The ACU-RITE® MILLPWR G2 is the way to GO!


GET 25% off the List Price on the Millpwr G2 system.  We are factory-trained & support all of our sales. 





Powerful yet easy to operate CNC retrofit systems for knee mills and bed mills.

Faster set-ups, shorter run times and a major boost in productivity are just one "powerful easy" retrofit away. Our new MILLPWRG2 control and retrofit kits can turn just about any knee mill into a powerhouse money-maker.

Rossi Machinery Services is a factory-trained to retro-fit your mill with the G2.

MILLPWR-G2-what-makes-millpwr-great (1)-min

What makes MILLPWRG2 great?

  • USB + Ethernet compatible

  • Simplified navigation that eliminates multiple menu screens

  • Upgrades available for all legacy MILLPWRG2 models

  • 12.1" high resolution display with 3D graphics

  • 1.4 GHz processor

  • Available offline software

  • Estimated runtime feature

  • Expanded tool / datum offsets




ACU-RITE makes it easy to purchase replacement parts for your system. From the SENC 150, SENC 50 or just the display you can purchase these separately.

ACU-RITE -SENC-150-header-min

What is the difference between the SENC 150 and SENC 50?

The SENC 150 and SENC 50 linear encoders are very similar.

The SENC 150 is available in a wider range of measuring lengths, 75mm-3,075mm vs. 25mm-500mm. 

The SENC 150 from ACU-RITE is the ideal scale for all applications. The compact and robust design, and the numerous possibilities for mounting, make it ideal for retrofitting. The slight dimensions and high accuracies of this ball-bearing guided encoder, which uses the reflected light method, are ideal prerequisites that can be used in metrology applications.

  • Robust design

  • Resolutions from 0.5 µm to 5 µm

  • Output signals: TTL

  • Measuring lengths from 75 mm/2" to 3075 mm/120"

  • Distance-coded reference marks

  • The SENC 150 also has a slightly more rugged body, with a weight of 0.7 kg/meter of measuring length compared to 0.3 kg/meter.

The SENC 50 is extremely compact for when installation space is limited or restricted.

  • Compact dimensions

  • Resolutions from 0.5 µm to 5 µm

  • Output signals: TTL

  • Measuring lengths from 25mm/1" to 500mm/20"

  • Distance-coded reference marks




Need a Display? All the DROs come as a full system or
A' la carte: Display only or encoder only

DRO203-header (1)-min

DRO 203

acu-rite DRO300-header-min.








DRO203Q "The Q" for Metrology Applications

The most popular digital readout in the machine tool marketplace, now with the Power of Quadra-Chek onboard! Designed for use with optical comparators and measuring microscopes, "The Q" can efficiently measure 2-D features and export that data to your PC over a USB-C connection.

Data output over USB-C

  • Simple to configure, easy to use

  • Download our USB driver here under Additional Software

  • Contextual Send options enable streamlined data output.

Metrology-specific functions

  • Measuring, creating, and constructing of the following feature types:

    • Point

    • Line

    • Circle

    • Skew

    • Distance

    • Angle

  • Feature graphic evaluation screen

Dynamic Zoom


The currently moving axis can be geographically highlighted. In “dynamic zoom” mode, the position value is zoomed to its maximum size depending on the number of digits. This greatly improves legibility—especially from a great distance. Click here to see Dynamic Zoom in action.



The NEW droPWR iOS app

droPWR turns an iPad® into a digital readout!

  • Combines an intuitive user experience with touch screen conventions

  • Dynamically switches between milling, turning and grinding

  • Saves time and money

    • Multiple configurations on one tablet

    • Switches from machine to machine

  • Perfect fit for the classroom and manufacturing.

droPWR takes your manual machine tool experience to the next level.

  • An application-based digital readout platform

  • Ideal for shop classes, production environments, small shops

  • Multi machine tool connectivity

  • Multiple user configurations with parameters set to each user

  • On-boarding configuration easily walks user through application set up

  • Uses Bluetooth technology, for wireless connectivity to encoders via interface box (sold separately)

*iPad not included. iPad is registered trademark of Apple Inc.


LMF 9310

LMF 9310

The LMF 9310 Multi-Section Inductive Encoder is a guided measuring system that uses an LMK scanning head with TTL incremental signals and an inductive measuring tape clamped on an integrated guiderail. 

 When properly installed to specifications, this encoder has an Ingress Protection Rating of 67 (IP67), leaving this measurement system virtually unaffected by environmental contaminants (i.e. oil, coolant, etc.).

With the incorporation of the included mounting coupling on the scanning head, high mounting tolerances can be realized—especially for longer measuring lengths.

Durable, dependable and affordable all-in-one package. 

LMF 9310 Features:

  • It comes available in lengths from 3,150mm (124") to 18,270mm (7") increments.


  • Accuracy Grade: ±20µ.


  • Distance Coded Reference Marks


  • 5v Incremental TTL Signals.


  • Durable & Rugged Scale Case.


  • Traversing Speed = 3m/s.


  • Overall width under 35mm (1.4") wide.


  • IP67 Protection Rating. 

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