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Jet is known for so many great products & the lifting systems are no different.

Lifting Systems: Lever Hoists, Chain Hoists, TradeMaster®  Electric Hoists, 2-Speed Electric Hoists.

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JLH SERIES: Lever Hoists

Jet Lever Hoists

The JLH Series features load capacities from 1/4 TON Load Capacity to a 9 TON Load Capacity.

Overload protection comes with the 3/4 TON Capacity to the 9 TON Load Capacity. Each tonnage provides differ lift capability foot lift. 

All JLH Series lever hoists come with slip clutch style overload protection that prevents lifting or pulling damaging loads beyond the rated capacity of the hoist.
JET's improved easy free chain design is a two-step, no load, free chaining system that allows for quicker hoist positioning and take up of slack chain that is engineered not to free chain under load.

Innovative, progressive offset handle design that allows for extra clearance between the operator's hand and load chain.

Industrial-rated alloy steel hooks rotate 360° for easy rigging & slowly stretch to indicate an overload situation., increasing jobsite safety.



This hoist complies with ANSI/ASME B30.21 & HST-3 Standards

Load-tested to 125% of capacity with certificate.


Durability with grade 100, corrosive-resistant plated load chain is a smaller, more compact link that is 20% stronger than Grade 80 load chain.

Aluminum Chain Hoists

Jet Chain Hoists
JET-AL100 SERIES-133110

The AL100 Series is an Aluminum Chain Hoist with the following capacities:


1/2 Ton, 2 ton, 1-1/2 Ton, 2 Ton, 3 Ton & 5 Ton Capacities. Their lift capacity ranges from a 10' lift to a 30' lift. 



  • Extra-large hand chain opening for side chain pulling.

  • Sealed housing to provide extra protection against the elements.

  • Fused-brake reduces maintenance and carries a Lifetime Warranty.

  • Weston-style twin pawl brake system for added safety.

  • Grade 100 load chain is a smaller, more compact link with a great working load limit and is zinc plated for maximum corrosion protection.

  • Durable cast-steel safety latches will not bend out of shape like stamped steel latches. 

  • Removable hand chain plate screws allow housing to be turned for pulling the chain in one of four directions.

Electric Hoists


These hoists come with a Wireless Transmitter that can infinitely adjust speed from creep to 5.3ft/min with a speed dial and a max of 21 ft. /min in high speed.


Single phase 120V plug enables use in all areas and the Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor has the lowest required starting current available at just 10 amp.

Overload protection using slip clutch system to protect the hoist from loads over rated capacities.

Limit switches to control travel distance for both raising & lowering loads. 

DC Brushless motor designed for a longer lifespan than a normal Electric Hoist motors reducing maintenance costs.

30 /7.5 Time Ratings.

Electronic controls have protections on them with 10 failure codes that are shown on a wireless pendant for troubleshoot.

Low noise at less than 75

1/8 to 1/2 Ton models come in plastic carry case for exceptional mobility.

TAA Approved. 

The TRADEMASTER Electric Hoists offer hoist with these specifications:


  • 1/8 ton to 2 ton capacity.

  • Lift ranges from 10' to 20' 

  • Lift speeds (RPM) 0-15/59  to 0-2.2/9

  • The motors come from 0.4HP, 110 -220V 60 Hz or 0.8HP, 110-220V 60 HZ  or 1.33 HP, 110V 60Hz. 

  • AMP DRAW: 6.0 to 15.0

  • Headroom: 15-3/4 to 24-1/2

  • High Speed Time Rating (min.)  30 minutes. 

  • Low Variable Time Rating (min.) 7.5 minutes.

  • These hoists weight from 36 lbs. to 153 lbs. 

JET TS SERIES: Two Speed Electric Hoists

These hoists are very versatile with a range of Tonnage capacities & chain lengths up to 100 ft. give you the electric hoist you need NO Matter The Job.

They are durable : IP55 TEFC motor with Class F insulation, mechanical brake & overload protection, patented limit switch ensure precision control of stopping points, and Grade 80 hardened & galvanized chain endures harsh conditions such as rain, saltwater, & chemicals with minimal wear.

And They Are Safe:  2 in 1 mechanical brake and overload protection Load-tested to 125% of capacity with certificate. 

JET-TS-series two-speed-elec-hoists

With Ton capacities ranging from 1/2 Ton to 5 ton, you get a range of the TS Series to choose from.

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Jet two speed electric hoists

Also Available: TS Electric Hoist w/motorized trolley & 4 button pendant

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