Our Work

Trained in the German-style of rebuilding, we know what precision requires. Our technicians work tirelessly to provide the high-quality services that you deserve. Our in-house rebuilding's reputation for excellence spans into our services and product lines. Our mission has always been to serve our customers.

Whether it is a service, a rebuild or a new CNC or manual machine, machine tool accessory or Heidenhain  and ACU-RITE®, you get our best solution for your particular budget. 

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Our Clients Say

Milling metalworking. CNC metal machining by vertical mill. Coolant and lubrication.jpg
"Good Morning Mike,
I appreciate your sending this, it's definitely good to have for a reference. So I have to tell you about Trent...he is...so professional, always did exactly what what he said he was going to do, explained everything thoroughly (which I appreciate, as I am new to my position), ...Everyone is always quick to complain but they don't share enough of the good stuff.  Your company as a whole was honestly just a real pleasure.  We look forward to working with  you again in the future.
Thank you all for everything!  Kind Regards, Mandi Snyder-Facilities Manager
Okamoto Sandusky Manufacturing, LLC.

Mandi Snyder, Facilities Mgr. Okamoto Sandusky Manufacturing, LLC.

Our Clients Say

Milling metalworking. CNC metal machining by vertical mill. Coolant and lubrication.jpg
Schaeffler Transmission Systems, LLC.
"Excellent Work!"
(ACER E-Head™ installation.)
Seth Vetter, Schaeffler Transmission Systems, LLC


Four Parker Majestic grinders rebuilt for a large corporation in Ohio


 Our most recent projects included Parker Majestic Grinders:
This year we have rebuilt 5 Parker Majestic grinders. Four of them came from a large corporation in Vienna, Ohio and the other from Dayton.  These powerful grinders had plenty of life left in them & we provided the rebuild to ensure their performance & longevity.   
Parker Majestic Grinder at the customer's shop after the rebuild.
Parker Majestic rebuild up close.
We call our machine tool rebuilds NuBuild by ROSSI
Back Facing Machine Tool Rebuild


Working for an Aerospace company we are rebuilding a back facing machine.  This project is in process right now & is coming along within our given time frame.  Did you know that you can stop by to check out your rebuild? We like to show off our work.  Today the customer came and gave two thumbs up. We will continue to share our work Below the machine when it arrived.  On the left panel our work in process.
Aerospace company's Back Facing Machine Rebuild
Aerospace Back Facing Machine Rebuild
We call our machine tool rebuilding NuBuild by ROSSI
Mr. Snyder evaluates his Millpwr G2 on his new ACER E-Mill™

Snyder Fabrication

Tom Snyder of Snyder Fabrication was so happy with his experience in exploring his purchase of Millpwr G2 ACER.  Our process included an initial meeting where we provided an overview of the machine, then we addressed Mr. Snyder's questions with complete answers.   It's an important decision to purchase a machine tool & we like our customers to understand the machine that they are choosing. Providing a full explanation on the machines, helps with the selection.  Sometimes a customer might want a certain machine, but after discussing the pros and cons with our sales/technicians they understand that another machine might work better.  We are not afraid to let our customers know exactly what they are purchasing.  Our name is important to us; we provide you the very best, most informed & quality machine tool. 
In the end, we want you to be a repeat customer, to buy all your machines, machine tool accessories or parts, Heidenhain or ACU-RITE from us.  
After the machine was delivered to Rossi Machinery for us to go over it, Mr. Snyder came to "take a look".  We walked him through the machine again, this time with a "hands on" overview of the machine. 
Mr. Snyder later told us that this machine has greatly improved his efficiency in making his products: better finished products & faster production while saving him money. 

Mr. Snyder checks out his Millpwr G2 ACER
Our technician, Trent, helps Mr. Snyder see some of the features on his new Millpwr G2
We call our machine tool rebuilds NuBuild by ROSSI