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Trained in the German-style of rebuilding, we know what precision requires.

Our technicians work tirelessly to provide the high-quality services that will improve your competitive edge.

Our machine tool services, rebuilds or upgrades are showcased here.

Our reviews tell our story of quality.


American Rebuild-1001

While the bed was being ground, we worked on the other parts of the lathe.

Right: Leveling it while we wait for the bed. 

This American Lathe Rebuild is a complete rebuild.

Pictured left: the lathe before the rebuild.

American Rebuild-1009-2
American Rebuild-1009-1

Every day we get a little more of the rebuild accomplished. 

American -rebuild-closer-2

Getting there:  Bottom right is the picture of the final process where we check & test the machine.


We will finish painting, accessibly & then delivery.



Our Rebuilds are so good we call them NuBuild by ROSSI
American -Rebuild-102023
Wotan clutch repair-crane view 2

Crane Design by our lead technician, Trent.  The Hoists & Trolleys were purchased from our JET distributorship.

We use the products we sell.

is what we have! 

This Wotan Machine needed its clutches removed & new ones replaced but no crane would reach the machine.  See the crane we built to lift the spindle

support off of the machine.  Using our own product line: JET hoists & trolleys to create the lift that would support such a heavy piece, we were able to lift it off and remove the broken clutches. Up Next: Installation of the new clutches. 

Wotan clutch repair-crane view 1

LeBlond Rebuild

Featured Rebuild

From start to finish this LeBlond rebuild for a large corporation was a great success!

Although this LeBlond  was rough when it came to our rebuild center, it still had  plenty of life in it.

LeBlond Rebuild
Fastenal LeBlond complete rebuild.
Fastenal LeBlond Complete Rebuild

Starting with an overview of the machine, we then begin the process by cleaning & disassembling the machine.

LeBlond lathe rebuild is finished.
LeBlond Reuild is finished with new DRO
LeBlond rebuild with new ACU-RITE® DRO
Fastenal's LeBlond Rebuild is finished.

Once the entire machine is scraped, fit and finished.
It is re-assembled & painted with automotive paint. 
An ACU-RITE® digital readout system was installed.
This machine was ready for  the production
line. It was shipped and the customer re-installed it on the production floor. 

LeBlond is finished. New machine tolerances
We call our machine tool rebuilds NuBuild by ROSSI

LeBlond Rebuild Finished


Parker Majestic

 Our complete rebuild of included Parker Majestic Grinders:

  • Last year we rebuilt 5 Parker Majestic grinders. Four of them came from a large corporation in Vienna, Ohio and the other from Dayton.  


  • These powerful grinders had plenty of life left in them & we provided the rebuild to ensure their performance & longevity.   

Four Parker Majestic grinders rebuilt
Parker Majestic Grinder at the customer's shop after the rebuild.
Parker Majestic rebuild up close.
We call our machine tool rebuilds NuBuild by ROSSI

Other Rebuilds & Services

Other Rebuilds & Services

We add exceptional quality to all our projects
Our technical expertise makes your project successful

Another LeBlond rebuilt
TUR lathe rebuilt
Rebuild being indicated
Proeba rebuild
Flaking is the final stage of  the  rebuild process
G & L partial rebuild
Complete Bridgeport rebuild with all new technology
NuBuild by ROSSI logo
Technician is indicating as part of the  leveling process

For over 28 years we have been the the company for both rebuilds and services. We continue to build our offerings of products and services to better serve our customers.
Do you have a project? Let us know.
See our featured story below. An ACER E-Mill™ with the Millpwr G2
We are an ACER and ACU-RITE® Distributor 25+ years.

Featured Story of how we work with you!

Snyder Fabrication

Milllpwr g2 customer
Millpwr G2 customer with our technician.

Tom Snyder of Snyder Fabrication was so happy with his experience in exploring his purchase of Millpwr G2 ACER. 
Our process included an initial meeting where we provided an overview of the machine, then we addressed Mr. Snyder's questions with complete answers.  

It's an important decision to purchase a machine tool & we like our customers to understand the machine that they are choosing.

Providing a full explanation on the machines, helps with the selection.  Sometimes a customer might want a certain machine, but after discussing the pros and cons with our sales/technicians they understand that another machine might work better. 

We are not afraid to let our customers know exactly what they are purchasing. 

Our name is important to us; we provide you the very best, most informed & quality machine tool. 

In the end, we want you to be a repeat customer, to buy all your machines, machine tool accessories or parts, Heidenhain or ACU-RITE from us.

After the machine was delivered to Rossi Machinery for us to go over it, Mr. Snyder came to "take a look". 

We walked him through the machine again, this time with a "hands on" overview of the machine. 

Mr. Snyder later told us that this machine has greatly improved his efficiency in making his products: better finished products & faster production while saving him money. 

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