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Milling Head Issues?

Mike Rossi is founder of Rossi Machinery Services, Inc. and has over 30 plus years in the industry.
Mike Rossi, Founder of Rossi Machinery Services, Inc. has over 30+ years experience in the industry .

Milling Head issues?

Are your milling machine slides in good shape but the spindle is noisy and sloppy?

Rossi Machinery has the answer: The ACER E-Head™ which is a direct replacement for most knee mills makes a great choice.

Close up on the ACER E-Head™
Close up on the ACER E-Head™

It Features:

  • A 3 H.P. inverter duty motor,

  • A Toshiba VFD, an electronic and a hand braking,

  • A large easy to read RPM display,

  • And a back gear and a chrome spindle quill,

  • The head comes pre-wired and the VFD is mounted in a fan cooled NEMA 1 enclosure.

These features of the ACER E-Head™ makes it an easy choice to replace your old noisy & sloppy milling head.

This upgrade just will make the difference for your mill's operations.

Installation is a breeze - just swap the heads, mount the enclosure and install the incoming power.

No 3 Phase power? No worries because the 220 Volt option can operate on single or 3 phase power with no phase converter.

Case in Point:

Recently, I troubleshot a milling head on a mill for a Medical Manufacturing firm in Akron, Ohio. Their milling head was a Step Pulley style head.

ACER takes great care in shipping the E-Head and all of their machine tools.
ACER always takes great care when shipping E-Heads or any of their machine tools

Once we discussed the price of a milling head rebuild, they chose to replace their mill's head with the ACER E-Head™.

The ACER E-Head™ brings so much better technology and performance to mills that I highly recommend them.

The extra features and better technology makes it an easy decision, especially if you have a step-pulley head.

My Akron customer found this to be an easy decision and ordered one.

ACER's Delivery took only a few days.

I unloaded it at my facility and yesterday, I delivered the new ACER E-Head™ to my customer.

The customer's Bridgeport mill before Mike Rossi installs the ACER E-Head™
Bridgeport Mill as Rossi Machinery's Mike Rossi replaces the old head with a high performance E-Head

My customer requested installation and I was glade to assist.

We make it a mission to service all our sales that we make.

This sets us apart from the catalogs, big box stores and many distributors.

Removing the old head and beginning the process was where we started.

Installation was a breeze and since I perform these all the time, I had no issues with the installation.

If you choose to install your own E-Head you will find it easy and we are here to be your support.

Operator takes his first look at the New ACER E-Head on his mill.
Mill Operator takes his first look at the high performance E-Head™

It is not uncommon to hear the immediate and very positive feedback from the customer. And yesterday was no different.

The vast improvement in their mill's performance reinforced their decision to replace as a great decision.

Operators love the new technology, performance and ease of use.

Owners love the speed, performance, less scrap and the extra costs.

The E-Head saves you on power costs too.

ACER E-Heads are a favorite of both the owners and their operators.
ACER E-Heads are a favorite of both owners and their operators.

Pictured: Owners and operators love the ACER E-Head™

Get your E-Head™ 3 HP for just $4,250.00. ACER's 5HP is slightly more.

We can walk you through the features and help you make a educated purchase - that's what we do for our customers.

Call today to see if the E-Head™ is right for you.

Mike Rossi, Founder, Rossi Machinery Services, Inc. 866-622-4488 Ext. 102.


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