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We support trade education & here's how

At Rossi Machinery Services we talk a lot about our trade. It's a great trade with lots of possibilities for a student's future. We support trade education and here's how:

Two automotive students from Mansfield H.S. Ohio are pictured with the new Edwards Ironworker for the automotive program.
Automotive Students pictured with their new Edwards Ironworker.

With our JET Tool & Equipment lines, #jettoolssales, we offer all types of equipment to the trades.

From #woodworking, to #automotive to our trade of #manufacturing, we have your school covered.

Mansfield High School:

Pictured here was #mansfieldohiocityschools that purchased an Edwards Ironworker for their automotive classes. Two very happy students take their first look at their new #edwardsironworker!

And this is just one of many schools that we have helped.

Countless schools across Northeastern Ohio have found that working with us, #rossimachineryservices, helps them to choose the best equipment at the right prices for their programs.

That is our dedication to the trades. From high school programs to community colleges, Rossi Machinery has something for your lab.

ACU-RITE Discounts for the teacher flyer showing 25% off the millpwr g2 system or 35% off the digital readout systems DRO203 and DRO300
ACU-RITE offers discounts for the teacher. They have STEM at their core and so do we!

ACU-RITE has STEM at their core!

Their dedication to schools is unsurpassed. At Rossi Machinery, we do a lot with the "Discounts for the Teacher!" program.

This valuable program offers 25% off the list price for a Millpwr G2, transforming your mill into a CNC milling machine.

The control is an excellent and affordable way for your students to step into #cncmachining. The G2's powerful control teaches CNC easily.

The most popular discount in this program is the 35% off the list price on a complete ACU-RITE digital readout system.

DRO203 and DRO300 qualify for this program. That's been a huge saving for schools. As your #authorizedacu_ritedistributor, you get our expertise, help in choosing the proper measuring lengths and installation, support and service too. #digitalreadoutsystems

Next: ACER Machines:

The ACER E-Head™ comes with all the value and increased technology that the industry is using now. #acereheadsales

The ACER E-Head makes an excellent upgrade to your mill, offering more technology & performances
The ACER E-Head™ makes a perfect mill head replacement, offering your class so much more.

Unlike the old #steppulley heads #ACER did a nice job of adding a 3HP "Baldor" high efficient motor for high torque output. It has a C.N.C. Vector type A.C. frequency drive. It has a 0-4500 RPM constant spindle speed.

It can run on single or 3 Phase with no special wiring! It has an electronic and mechanical brake for fast spindle stop.

And it has a tapping and boring application.

It is no wonder that we sell so many of these heads to our customers and schools alike. Gone are all those plastic keys, belts and old technology replaced with a high efficient head.

Knox County Career Center added an E-Head to their mill to upgrade their mill along with other products that we sell.

Other schools look at the ACER E-Mills which come with so many options, table sizes and price points that it is easy to replace #bridgeportreplacement, their Bridgeport on which repairs are cost prohibitive. Schools like that we consider their budgets. #tradeteachers Teachers know that they have to spend their money wisely and like with all our customers we understand and help with that too. Staying in budget and spending your budget wisely is something we see all the time.

ACER's 1340G gear head lathe
ACER offers an affordable easy-to-use 1340G gear-head lathe

This ACER 1340-G gear-head lathe was a must for one of our valued customer but they needed to stay within their budget. More important for their applications was the ACER CNC Bed Mill and we were able to accommodate them with both.

The 1340 G fit into the budget, was perfect for their applications and the cost was very affordable.

That's what we do. Brainstorming with the customer helps both of us understand their application needs, and what best will work for their shop. We do this with the schools as well. Success of the student depends on reliable, quality and good technology in the classroom. And we do all of it in your budget!

ACER lathes and Acu-rite digital readouts are in this lathe lab at a community college
This manufacturing lab is outfitted with ACER lathes and Acu-Rite digital readout systems.

Manufacturing is evolving every day and we will need a prepared workforce.

Rossi Machinery is dedicated to supporting, teaching and supplying our future workers with the tools that will give them the right type of education for the real world applications.

Whenever we can offer "special pricing" that's what we do!

Picture of ACER machine tools with Acu-rite Millpwr G2 and digital readouts at a school
The Acu-rite Millpwr G2 and the ACER E-Mills are the very best for teaching manufacturing.

Our JET Equipment and Tools, ACU-RITE products, ACER Machine Tools are also dedicated to the industry. Value for the money spent is our mission to the educators of the trades and we are able to supply your school with the best solutions for teaching your trade.

Find out today how Rossi Machinery Services can help your #tradeschool, #careercenter, #communitycollege, or #highschool keep the trade programs going strong.


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