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Service is in Our Name for a Reason

Rossi Machinery Services: we offer services on all our sales.
Rossi Machinery Services: Service is in Our Name.

Our name is Rossi Machinery Services, Inc. and service is in our name for a reason. We designed that for a reason. Over 29 years ago, Mike Rossi had a vision of what a true sales and service company should look like. Back in the early 90's automation was taking over: the person on the phone was now automated, customer service agents were being replaced with people with little or no knowledge of their products or services.

Technical knowledge of machine tools, parts, attachments, services and systems was on the downward slide. Mike, as a maintenance supervisor for a manufacturer in Cuyahoga Falls, felt the frustration that others were feeling.

Working with larger corporations on the side after his day job, Mike saw a great need for a sales and service company that offered customers more. He designed Rossi Machinery Services to offer our customers more:

  • A mission to actually individualize the solution, because not every manufacturer has the same applications, budgets, operator talent or products they make.

  • To offer budget-friendly solutions that work for the customer because One-Size Does Not fit all.

  • To have staff that answers the phone quickly, offers a solution or gets the technical person in touch with the customer within a timely manner.

  • To offer services on all our sales because more than ever that is a huge problem.

  • To continue to be there for our customers after the sale is concluded.

We offer our services to each machine purchase. leveling, hook-ups and more.
We go the distance on our sales, ensuring great deliveries, installations, leveling and hook-ups.

Over the years our services also became important when you purchase from us. Customer services, installation services, leveling services, sales and services are all part of our name: Rossi Machinery Services.

As part of our original mission statement, our service to you is as important as the actual service, the machine tool, industrial equipment, or anything else we do.

In our 29 years Mike's vision paid off. Some of our customers date back to those beginning days. They stay because no matter what the need, there is service.

In a time where service and technical knowledge is fading worse than in the 90's, we continue our dedication to our service. If you buy a machine from us, you get the service. If you need an ACU-RITE digital readout, Millpwr G2 or any new product line, you get our service.

We take pride in servicing our machine tool sales.
We take pride in servicing our machine tool sales

Purchasing a machine tool from us comes with our expert technical knowledge of over 30+ years working with machine tools. Our mission to get you the right machine, even if we can't help and we tell you so has provided us with the reputation to do it right ....No matter what.

We offer installation that isn't just dropping the machine on the floor; we offer actual placement, leveling, electrical hook-up and a quick overview of your purchase. Beyond that you can always get answers about your new machine. We are committed to that.

We have the service people in place to offer services on the equipment. We think that is important.

Start-ups #startups like our way of selling because we can offer so many different types of equipment: #bandsaws, #welders, #machinetools, #heidenhain, #acurite, and so many more products. We can go through all our catalogs and help you choose the type of equipment that best fits your budget, applications and works for your operators.

We truly are your one-stop-shop for all your industrial equipment, attachments and parts. We can offer you our quotes on several different products and you choose. It's wonderful to see the new companies springing up and we are glad to help.

We are delivering the Edwards' Ironworker to the school
Free Delivery: We delivered this Ironworker to the customer.


With our JET Equipment distributorship, we offer so many products from all of JET's companies and we do it pricing it as low as JET will allow. We offer free shipping to those orders within our service area and that are over $2500.00 and we offer service on our sales. Not every distributor, catalog or big box store has the staff. In addition, with our expertise JET has made us an authorized JET service center.

Like all of our product lines you get our mission to service. Service built this company, is part of our name, and remains our mission.


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