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"Exploring the Precision of ELITE Machinery's Horizontal and Vertical Bandsaw"

ELITE 891160 is a dual column variable speed semi-automatic bandsaw.
The ELITE 891160 is a dual column variable speed Semi-Automatic Bandsaw

ELITE ID# 891160

As we continue to review ELITE's high-precision equipment, we explore ELITE's Horizontal and Vertical bandsaws.

Elite is just one company owned by JET Equipment. We like that ELITE offers their own models of horizontal and vertical bandsaw, providing our customers lots of choices. Not every shop has the same precision needs. But when it comes to the best, ELITE makes the cut.

These ELITE bandsaws come with JET's 3 year ELITE Warranty.
ELITE comes with JET's 3 year ELITE warranty

The excellence of this bandsaw starts in the build.

 JET's RED ASSURANCE 3 Year Warranty, gives you the peace of mind that you are getting a high-quality, high- performing piece of equipment.


 The precision that ELITE machinery is known for comes with this two column design for more precise and productive cutting.

The blade tension gaurge helps to ensure the blade is in the correct cutting position. The swing away control box allows the operator to use this bandsaw in any position. . There is semi-auto on both the saw bow lifting and hydrualic vise. And finally, these bandsaws features an easy frame height adjustment.


Noted durability features are the heavy duty construction that reduces vibration and deflection. The mechanical variable speed allows the operator quick and easy speed changes. This bandsaw also has a built-in self-propelled blade brush that prevents chip build-up in the blade guides. The coolant is distributed through the blade guides through an integrated coolant system. Finally it has carbide and roller blade guides, and auxiliary roller-feed system for moving material and it comes with a motor that is designed for continuous operation!


Safety is always a concern with industrial equipment and this bandsaw has this feature covered. It is CSA Certified Electrics that follow strict guidelines and electrical requirements and are certified by the CSA group. ELITE added a large additional support for the work pieces to ensure a more precise cut. There is a support devise that activates if the gear box reaches a high tempreture. ELITE also has integrated a pressurized wash off hose for easy machine clean-up. Add to this an LED work lamp to better view your pieces, and auto-shut off switch which will stop the sawing process and a blade that is fully guarded for your operator's safety.

ELITE also includes leveling feet for mounting the saw safely to the shop floor, ensuring stability and performance. And finally there is an hydraulic assist desent control.

ELITE also offers three other models:

  • The models ID# 891070, ID#891080 which includes a hydraulic vise. and ID#891060 all that are variable speed bandsaws that also carry the 3 year RED ASSURANCE ELITE WARRANTY.

ELITE ID#891050 is a variable speed bandsaw that comes with a the 3 year RED Assurance ELITE warranty, sold at miniumum pricing and we support all our sales with service
ELITE'S ID#891050 is part of JET's family of equipment and comes with a 3 year JET Assurance warranty. Sold at miniumum pricing.

ELITE ID#891050

ELITE features two of these horizontal bandsaws with the 3 Year RED Assurance ELITE warranty as well. Both are variable speed with slightly different features.

ID# 891050 and ID#891015.

ELITE ID#891115 is a verical variable speed bandsaw that comes with JET's 3 year ELITE warranty and a lot of quality.
ELITE ID#891115 is a verical variable speed bandsaw with the JET ELITE 3 year warranty.

And finally the ELITE ID#891115 comes with this model or the ID#891100. Both are vertical bandsaws with the same excellent quality builds of ELITE and features that are precision -based , safety-based and carry the same durable builds of their other bandsaws.

If you are looking for any bandsaws, JET offers so many options between the JET line and the ELITE lines, you will have no trouble finding the one that works best for your shop. We will assist you with quotes and comparison on all of the ones you think you might want. That's our mission: to find the best product to fit your budget, applications and staff.

ELITE, as with all of the other JET products is sold by us at the absolute lowest pricing that JET will allow and we do provide both installation, support and service on all our sales. Did you know that we are an authorized JET service center? Rossi Machinery sets ourselves apart from catalogs and other dealers who cannot offer the support and service.

Service is in our name and that is part of the sale too. Call today: 866-622-4488


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