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DEEP DIVE into Baileigh's: Tube & Pipe Benders

RDB-250 tube and pipe bender by Baileigh
This powerful Rotary Draw Bender comes with our full support

So many different tube & pipe benders that we need to narrow this DEEP DIVE into Baileigh's tube & pipe benders to the Rotary Draw Bender: RDB-250

Considered the best in the class of pipe benders we thought this might be a good place to start. We will Deep Dive into others in future blogs.

The RDB-250 is a compact, programmable tube bender that shapes material at what Baileigh calls "blistering speeds with professional accuracy".

No wonder this tube & pipe bender has been around & sought after.

The RDB-250 is made in the USA.
The RDB-250 is Made in the USA.

It was made in the USA, which we like. Our commitment to USA manufacturing includes selling products that are manufactured right here in the United States. The RDB-250 runs on 220 volt single-phase power which allows for its flexible use.

It is covered by a 1- year warranty on parts and lifetime technical support. Rossi Machinery Services supports every product we sell - this rotary draw bender is no exception.

RDB-250 touchscreen
RDB-250 Rotary Draw Bender's touch screen

Revolutionizing your shop's efficiency of your shop, this machine comes with an easy-to-use touchscreen or a handy foot pedal. Both can operate the bender when not in manual mode!

This highly productive bender tackles heavy-duty materials, bending up to 2.5" tubing and 2" schedule 40 pipe.

Baileigh's RDB-250 makes bending easy.
Baileigh's RDB-250 makes bending easy.

2- piece die mount loosens to release bent tubing without a hassle.

RDB-250 draw bender can execute a 180° bend  in just 9 seconds
RDB-250 can execute a 180° bend in just 9 seconds

Pictured Right: Pipe being bent. This amazingly efficient machine can store up to 170 programs of 10 bends -each in its internal memory.

The Rotary draw bender RDB-250 has limitless external memory

The Rotary draw bender smoothly executes 180° bends in JUST 9 seconds

and it can complete 360° bends.

RDB-250 Rotary Draw Bender Foot petal
RDB-250 Rotary Draw Bender Foot petal

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