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Fryer's Turret Lathe is a compact, innovative traveling column with a wide swing but small foot print.

A Machine Tool For Sale that does big jobs but with a small footprint. 

The VT-Series has these two models: VT-60  & VT-80

Fryer's VT Series Turret Lathe

The Fryer VT Series is a compact, large swing vertical turret lathe. This series features an innovative traveling column design that allows a large swing in a small foot print machine. The unique horizontal turret features excellent clearance for long and short tools alike. The VT is available with full C axis contouring and positioning as well as a powerful live tool turret. Equipped with Fryer / Siemens 828-HS CNC control that features shop floor conversational programming, G code programming, 3D graphics and fast set-up cycles.



  • Fast set-up and programming system

  • Shop floor programming

  • Excellent for small lot production

  • Small foot print

  • Traveling column provides improved clearance

  • Siemens or Fanuc CNC




  • Compact design uses half the floor space

  • 60” or 80” swing models

  • 8 or 12 tool automatic turret

  • BMT-65 tooling for high rigidity

  • High torque geared headstock

  • C axis and live tooling


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