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Fryer's Slant Bed Lathes:

Fryer offers another lathe for your shop. Their Slant Bed Lathe is designed & made in the USA & it is ultra accurate. 

Efficient, High-performing Machine Tools for Sale!

Fryer Slant Bed SL-12

The Fryer SL Series Slant Bed Lathes feature a true 45° slant bed and box ways for greater rigidity.


An ultra-precision spindle cartridge, C1 class double nut ballscrews and other premium components provide accuracy unmatched by any other lathe in this class.


The Fryer / Siemens 828-HS CNC is incredibly easy to use and features fast set-up and conversational programming.


The SL series is the perfect choice for shops requiring high rigidity, accuracy and ease of use.


6” Chuck
1.75” Bar Capacity 


8” Chuck
2” Bar Capacity 


10” Chuck
3” Bar Capacity 


12” Chuck
3.4” Bar Capacity

As your Industrial Equipment Supplier,  we offer our best solutions that fit into your budget.  We support you as you find the right machine tool. 

Your Success is Our Success.

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