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What's in a Lathe for you?

ACER Gear-head Dynamic Lathe 2180S
This ACER Gear-Head Dynamic Lathe 2180S is a powerful lathe for any shop.

What's in a Lathe for you? We offer several brands with varying options, pricing, and lengths. This ACER 2180S pictured is a gear-head lathe with 20.5" swing over the bed, 29.1" swing over the gap. and 13" sing over the cross slide. Sized just right for those turning jobs that need a high-performance lathe.

ACER offers package pricing on most of their machine tools which offers you more machine for less money. And with Rossi Machinery Services as the dealer for ACER, ACU-RITE® and many more companies you get our expertise to swap out the standard digital readout systems if you like. Need a Variable Speed? ACER offers their E-Lathes for you. From the smallest lathes: 1340G to 3370X you have plenty of lathes to choose from. Too many to share here, we look forward to talking with you about what will work with your Turning Needs.

ACER 3370X lathe
The ACER 3370X is one of their larger lathes.

ACER has been a great performer for us.

Customers love the build, performances, finished products and the price. ACER has done a good job of building a great machine tool but they have kept the costs under control. ACER machine bodies come from Taiwan built by their personnel so quality is built right in!

JET offers the ZH series: 26" lathe
The ZH Series 26" lathe. Comes with an inspection guarantee

JET/ELITE: JET offers a 26" ZH Series lathe that comes with the 30 point inspection guarantee. They call it the RED Assurance. The ID#321890 has a swing over the bed of 26" swing over the cross slide of 16-1/2", the swing through the gap: 34". The next line is the ZX Large Spindle Bore Precision Lathe, coming with 7 different models. We are glad to compare these to the ACER for you.

JET also has the 14" x 40" EVS lathe & a 14" geared head engine lathe in their offerings.

The other two types they offer are the 13" x 40" gear head bench lathe. The Belt Drive lathe from JET is their bench hobby lathe. They offer two models.

If you are looking for the most precise lathe that JET offers you need to look no farther than the ELITE line. Built for aerospace, defense, medical or any highly precise machining applications, ELITE covers this with their gear head lathes, and EVS lathes.

LeBlond RKL lathe
Akron Customer's LeBlond RKL lathe


LeBlond comes from an over 100 year reputation for quality. Pictured is one put in Akron Ohio.


Fryer Easy Turn Lathe
The Fryer Easy Turn Lathe is a great value from Fryer

Fryer offers both the Easy-Turn Lathe and the Slant Bed Lathe, offering your shop so many different choices! Each are offered by us, supported by us, and with us as your partner we make your purchase individualized, and easy. You will have plenty to compare & we can offer our expertise in machine tools as one of your sources in your buying experience.

When you buy from us we don't just sell you the lathe and move on. We support all our products because we are small enough to know what it is to need support, service and to put your limited budget to the best use. Call Today. We are ready to show you your options.


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