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What's Going On Here?

ACU-RITE® linear encoder SENC 50 is great for small spaces & better accuracy
ACU-RITE® LINEAR ENCODER SENC 50 is great for small spaces & better accuracy.

What's going on here you say? We have a new project that involves two of our long time distributorships.

We sold the ACER 1430G Dynamic High Speed Precision lathe to a new customer in Smithville, Ohio.

Because we represent for Acu-Rite® & Heidenhain this customer was able to discuss with Mike Rossi, our founder, just what he needed in a digital readout system. And because we come from a rebuilding background and have that unique knowledge of machine tools, Mike was able to determine & suggest the right lathe and digital readout system for this customer's particular applications.

ACU-RITE® DRO100 is good when all you want is accurate positioning.
ACU-RITE® offers the DRO100 for those shops who don't need the extras; they just need to have accurate positioning.

Instead of going with the standard digital readouts that come with these lathes, the customer worked with Mike Rossi discussing what he wanted in a digital readout system.

Unlike many shops, he only needed accurate positioning - nothing more.

Mike suggested the DRO100( display shown here) because all it does is provide the accurate positioning. If he would have needed to have programs etc., this DRO would not have worked.

We were able to save him money & get him the right system.

Pictured above is the linear encoder : SENC 50 which works very well for tight spots and provides extra accuracy.

As a distributor for so many industrial & machine tool equipment, we can offer your company several options when buying. When it comes to machine tools ACER offers the best value for the price & has so many models to choose from.

But JET, ELITE, Baileigh, LeBlond & Fryer also offer quality lathes lathes. It's important to look at all of your options & we will walk you through them. Our goal is to get you the right equipment for your specific needs. Every shop is different.

The same goes for choosing a digital readout system, we have three different companies that you can choose from. HEIDENHAIN, ACU-RITE® & FAGOR AUTOMATION.

ACER 1340G High Speed Precision Engine Lathe w/ an ACU-RITE® DRO system in the box next to it.
ACER 1340G High Speed Precision Engine Lathe with the ACU-RITE® DRO system in the box next to it. We install our products.

Follow along with this sale, installation & delivery.

This sale isn't complete until this lathe is delivered, installed, leveled at the customer's shop.

We offer support for everything we sell. We are not the largest distributor, but we make your purchase our focus, pricing affordable, technical knowledge part of every sale, and service on our products sold.

That's why we have so many repeat customers from over 30 years. They know that they will get the right product at the right price & we will back our sales. We won't sell you anything if we don't have the right product for you. Call Today. 866-622-4488 Ask for Mike Rossi

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