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Used Machine Tools FOR SALE!

Grizzley G0876 8" x 27" CNC mill w/auto tool changer. SALE: 28,800.00 USED.
Grizzley G0876 8" x 27" enclosed CNC mill w/auto tool changer. 3years old : $28,000.00

Announcing, USED Machine Tools FOR SALE! Yes that's right. We have a few machines that we would like to feature, starting with this Grizzley G0876

8" x "27" Enclosed CNC Mill w/Auto Tool Changer. This offering is brand new and we suggest you call right away.


  • A 3HP BT30 driven spindle.

  • 8-position automatic tool changer & a powered pull stud.

  • It has a hands-free tool changer which eliminates constant supervising!

  • Sinumerik CNC controller w/powerful servo motors that are driving ball screws on all axes.

  • 10,000 RPM spindle and rapid speeds of 400in./min. It's fast.

  • Enclosed cabinet

  • High Flow 13 gallon coolant tank.

  • Only 3 years old.

  • OUR PRICE: $28,800.00


This HYDMECH H-230A Saw is in Great Condition. SALE $21,000.00


  • Year: 2019

  • Priced At: $21,000.00

This saw was offered as a used machine for us to sell.

It comes from a valued partner & it's in great condition.

We can fill you in on the particulars but you will be pleased with the price & performance of this saw.

It was well cared for. We have it classified as Great Condition.

HYD-MECH H-230A TAG: SALE: $21,000.00
HYD-MECH H-230A. TAG: SALE: $21,000.00

Some of the specifics are on the tag!

Call Mike Rossi for more details: 419-281-4488 Ext. 102

2019 Great Condition.

HYD-MECH H-10A ON SALE: $21,000.00
HYD-MECH H-10A ON SALE: $21,000.00

Rounding out our USED Equipment is another machine from our valued partner.

This machine is from 2012 and is Considered Very Good Condition. Made in the USA.

PRICED AT JUST: $10,500.00

HYD-MECH H-10A SALE priced $10,500.00
HYD-MECH H-10A Machine for Sale: $10,500.00

We like to offer you options & these three machines are just one way we offer our customers great quality, affordability & flexibility when it comes to running your shop! See Mike Rossi for more details on any of these machines. Looking for NEW? We sell new too.


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