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Rossi Machinery, Why buy from us?

We are asked all the time Why Rossi? Today's topic is Rossi Machinery, Why buy from us?

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Here's Why

  1. PRICING: We offer the best pricing around with our JET MAP pricing, which is the lowest amount that JET allows their distributors to sell at.

  2. EXPERIENCE/SKILLS: Our skills and experience is vast and carries a lot of value. So much so that JET made us their Authorized Service Center. We know equipment inside and out and we offer this expertise to help you choose the right equipment for your specific needs.

  3. DELIVERY, INSTALLATIONS, FREE SHIPPING: If you are in our selling radius, we offer free shipping on JET and their family of companies if you purchase over $2500.00. Our installations are not a "drop ship", we actually place the machine, level it and hook the power up. Then we give you a quick "tour of you new equipment"

  4. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Keeping you as a customer has always been our mission and we have done it since 1995. Yes we have customers from way back. They return because they know that they are working with a company that cares about them and their success.

The answer to the question WHY ROSSI is simple, we simply do more for our customers with our prices, our expertise, our solutions, our support, and our services, even after the sale.

Right now catch our SUMMER SALES EVENT : Check out all our special!

  1. JET LATHE $9,979.00

  2. ACU-RITE 10% off (full system)

  3. Rebuilt Bridgeport w/extras: $12,500.00

Our rebuilt Bridgeport with all the extras pictured. We are selling it for just $12,500.00
This rebuilt Bridgeport has new machine tolerances and a whole lot more.


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