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"Is the ACER E-Head™ the Perfect Solution for Your Mill’s Needs?"

Is the ACER E-Head™ the Perfect Solution for your mill's needs? We think so and here is why.

ACER E-Head™ replaced on a mill in Wooster's LUK Industries/
We are installing an E-Head™ at LUK in Wooster.

If your mill is in good shape but the milling head could use some work, we highy recommend looking into the ACER

E-Head™. We sell a lot of them. They fit all Bridgeports and most imported mills.

We can help you decide if your mill can fit one of these.

We really like that with an E-Head™,gone are all those breakable parts, pulleys and belts of the "step-pulley" heads.

And to rebuild your head, it is sometimes price prohibitive, especially if you need many new parts.

To replace your head with the E-Head™ you get increased productivity in this very easy to use, easy to install, new milling head that comes with all new technology.

Need it installed? We do that too. We are a full service and support company for all that we sell. Looking at the specifics on how these mills simply are better all around, we like to share ACER's 10 Reasons to Go E-Mill™. Take a look below:

The ACER E-Head™ makes a great replacement for step pulley heads
Close up on the E-Head™

Ten Reasons to Go E-Mill™:

  1. The E-Head™ comes with a 3 HP. "Baldor" High Efficient Motor that results in better output. ACER offers a 5 HP at a slight up charge.

  2. This E-Head™ comes with a  C.N.C. Vector Type A.C. Frequency Drive .

  3. It has an infinite 0~4500 RPM constant spindle speed. You can change within 0-4 second.

  4. The machine can run on Single Phase or Three Phase without changing any wiring! This feature allows this E-Head™ to be very versatile for every type of power in your shop.

  5. No Maintenance and No Downtime Costs because of No Plastic Insert, Key and Moving Pulley.

  6. No RPM Changer Breakdown, But Accurate Reading on R.P.M. to Prolong Tool Life.

  7. Electronic & Mechanical Break For Fast Spindle Stop.

  8.  No Belt Slippage for High Efficient Torque Output.

  9.  Boring & Tapping Application.

And finally this new head will save on Engergy Costs up to 35%

These heads come with an electrical cabinet with an inverter and resistor included

The ACER E-Head™ is the best way to add an upgrade to your mill.
There is no better way to upgrade a mill than adding the ACER E-Head™

ACER utilizes these heads on all of the main E-Mills™ and our feedback is nothing but great. Once you get the E-Head™ you will never want a step-pulley again.

ACER has held the pricing at $4,250.00 for the 3HP and $4,960.00 for the 5HP.

Not sure what to get? That's just part of the services you get when you purchase from Rossi Machinery Services: Call Today to find out if one of these E-Heads™ are for your mill.



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