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DEEP DIVE: Did You Say Ironworkers? Jet Tools' New 45 Ton Ironworker

Jet Tools' New 45 Ton Ironworker is here. Built in the USA this 45 Ton Ironworker has the following features 4 workstations that offer : Punch, Flat Bar Shear, Angle Sheer & Rod Shear.

  • It operates on 115V power

  • E-stop with UL Listed compliant controls.

  • Comes with the convenient foot control that has a handle for easy transfer between work stations.

  • ANSI Compliant Guarding on the Angle & Rod Shears.

  • Includes a Punch & Die Storage Tray able to hold up to 10 Punch & Die Sets.

  • Compatible with most Edwards Punch & Die Sets.

  • ID#756100 Sells For $6499.00* plus shipping. We offer free shipping over $2500.00 with delivery to our facility. Ask us.

Jet Ironworker ID#756100
JET Ironworker ID#756100
  • Max Punch Capacity (in) 1 diam. in 1/2 mild steel.

  • Flat Bar Shear Max Capacity (in) 1/4 x 8 3/8 x 6

  • Angle Shear Max. Capacity (in.) 3 x3 x1/4

  • Rod Shear Sizes (in.) 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4

  • Rod Shear Max Capacity Square (in.) 3/4

  • Rod Shear Max. Capacity Round (in.) 5/8

  • Motor: HP 1.5

  • Product dimensions (in.) 40 x 24 x 58 Shipping dimensions (in.): 51 x 45 x 64

  • Product Weight (lbs.) 698 Shipping Weight (lbs.): 802

  • It comes with Optional Accessories Too.

This New Ironworker from JET is just one of the Ironworkers that we sell! In a future DEEP DIVE we will begin to look at the EDWARDS many different Ironworkers that they have to offer.

Jet Ironworker ID#756100
JET Ironworker in use ID#756100

Edwards offers 40 Ton, 50 Ton, 55 Ton, 60 Ton, 65 Ton, 100 Ton, & 120 Ton Ironworkers. Too many to blog about here. And each of these has just plenty of specifications & optional equipment & accessories.

Jet's NEW 45 Ton Ironworker #756100 $6499.00
Jet's NEW 45 Ton Ironworker #756100 $6499.00

If you are interested in the comparisons, of this JET to an EDWARDS Ironworker, give us a call : Toll Free: 866-622-4488 or Local: 419-281-4488 ext. 102. And Mike Rossi will show you the comparisons on each of these great Ironworkers - All Made in the USA. E-Mail:

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