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"How ACER Machines are Satisfying Our Customers' Needs"

ACER 1340G engine lathe is ready to perform. We install all our machines.
Delivered first this ACER 1340G engine lathe is the right size for this customer's turning applications.

How ACER Machines & Rossi Machinery Services are satisfying our customers' needs.

Whether your shop is a start up, #startupmanufacturer, is expanding or is in need of replacement due to the legacy equipment is no longer supported, replacing your legacy equipment is easy with ACER and Rossi Machinery Services,

This Smithville, Ohio shop needed a lathe but didn't need a lot of extras. Still they wanted a new machine. They came to us and with our expertise in the #manufacturingindustry we discussed with them their applications, their budgets, and their general wish list.

The Acu-Rite Digital Readout System DRO 100 was an affordable, great solution for our customer. We installed it for them.
After discussing their real use of a digital readout system, this Acu-Rite DRO 100 fits the bill.

Our goal is to find the solution that fits the customers' needs while keeping in the budget.

With our Smithville customer we started with the ACER engine lathe. They did not need a large lathe. After discussing what digital readout system that would work for them, we offered a great solution! The ACU-RITE® DRO100 is very affordable and works if you only need accurate positioning. #accuratepositioning. Our customer only wanted that feature. This DRO is a perfect fit for them, saving them money. Since we are the #acu_rite #distributor we ordered his system, had the lathe delivered to our service center & we installed the DRO system.

Next the customer looked at several options on the milling end. Although our customer was interested in the ACER Bed Mill , we were able to take them to our other customer's facility who now has Two ACER Bed Mills #acerbedmills. Once we were able to show the bed mill in action, it was an easy decision.

ACER Swivel-head bed mill 1054 is a popular choice for our customers.
The ACER Swivel-head Bed-mill 1054 w/ a Fagor Control has powerful capabilities and is a popular pick.

This ACER B-1054 is a swivel head bed-mill with a FAGOR control. (We are also a FAGOR Distributor, making it easy to support the machine knowing both products very well.

Here's where our customer could put their optional equipment money to work, getting the extras that will enhance the machine's performances.

This Bed-mill was delivered today.

We met the machine at the customer's shop as part of our sales service.

We go the distance: We arranged the shipper, arranged the riggers, met the machine, installed it, leveled it, hooked up the electric and answered any questions while showing

ACER Swivel-head bed mill 1054 is a popular choice for our customers.
ACER Swivel-Head Bed-Mill 1054 from behind. This quality bed mill sells a lot.

our customer around. If you remember our last post we did the same for the ACER 1340G lathe.

Not every #machinetoolsalescompanys offer this personalized quoting, sales, deliveries, installations, electric hook-ups or leveling the machines.

We are committed to ensuring the best experiences when you purchase from us.

And we are your #authorizeddistributor for all your support and service.

Purchasing equipment of any kind is a big purchase, we know this and make it our number one priority. Our customer service is what has made us the "Go To" for so many customers. How do ACER Machines satisfy our customers? #affordablemachinetools, Affordable machine tools, Quality builds, A Variety of Optional Equipment, High Performances and Resulting Parts. All paired with Rossi Machinery Services' commitment to the sale and beyond.

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