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Happy 29th Birthday to Rossi Machinery Services: We offer Industrial & Manufacturing Solutions to you.

We celebrate turning 29 years and helping customers save money on January 6, 2024
Rossi Machinery Services Enters it's 29th Year of business on January 6, 2024 What can we do for you?

Happy 29th Birthday to Rossi Machinery Services: We offer industrial & manufacturing solutions that fit your budget.

A lot has changed in 29 years. What started out with pagers and phone booths has now morphed into cell phones, internet on the go and a whole lot of better ways to serve you.

We are so excited to share our new developments coming this year. All of which we think will better serve your company's needs.

Our mission to be a customer-focused company, offering solutions that work in your budgets, #services and #machinetools, #jettools, #industrialmachinery and #products has not changed. We think that is what our customers appreciate about us. We take the extra time to hear what you need, to focus on what will work for you, taking into account your budgets. Everyone like to keep their costs down. We are no exception. We start out our birthday celebration offering some insights on saving money while upgrading, replacing or adding equipment. We would like to share examples with you.

This Canton Customer needed a machine to perform some of its applications being done on their CNC. This ACER freed up and added to their efficiency.
Canton customer needed a machine to perform some of the machining that was tying up their CNC.

Examples? That's easy. ACER Machine Tools offer customers the same high-quality #milling, #drilling, #cncmills, #grinders, #bedmills, and #lathes as the "big named companies"

What is different? Really Just the name.

We highly recommend ACER as a great solution. Whether you need a 9" x 49" table or if you are looking for the largest mill or the mill pictured to the right that had a riser placed on it to enable it to do some of the little jobs that the customer was utilizing their CNC machine for.

It just didn't make sense to tie up the big CNC when we could accommodate their applications with this ACER 5VK.

Not the largest of the machines but it does the trick for our Canton, Ohio customer who describes this purchase as being so helpful to their processes.

What's great about the ACER mill? The Electronic cabinet is made to meet NFPA 79: 2012 and UL 580A: 2010 standards. The main electric components are UL labeled. This electric cabinet is equipped with an Emergency Door Switch and Keyed Lock.

ACER made the spindle speed easy to read on a digital RPM meter. And the spindle won't automatically turn back on after power failure. This is a great safety feature.

The electrical cabinet is equipped with a Non-Fuse Breaker to provide more protection on the electric components. It also has a UL approved Spindle Inverter Motor.

The Toshiba Vector-Type frequency Inverter comes with each model. Finally when it comes to noise reduction and cooling the electrical cabinet is enlarged and equipped with a UL approved cooling fan and filter.

ACER also has a built-in Coolant ON/OFF switch and dish-in coolant base for a add-on coolant system. Check out the ACER page for the specifications on each of their #millingmachinesforsale and contact us to discuss how we can improve your processes by offering a solution to make you more efficient. The folks in Canton got their solution to upgrading their efficiency.

Need more direction or have a different need? Call us to talk. We will brainstorm with you & provide you with our free quote for your solution. 866-622-4488 or email Mike Rossi:

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