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Fabulous Week With Fabulous Customers!

Baileigh industrial Hydraulic Plate Roll
Baileigh Industrial Hydraulic Plate Roll.

What a fabulous week with fabulous customers! Thanks to all customer requests for product information and service. From #industrialequipment, to #machinetools, #measuringsystems & so much more, we cover all that you will ever need.

When you are thinking of ordering a new piece of equipment, it is important to make a good decision, you must hear the details, features, availability & shipping of any possible purchase.

We are happy to share free, no obligation quotes for whatever product you might need. Knowing that we offer the best products, industrial equipment, tools & attachments and we offer free shipping when you make a $2500.00 minimum purchase, is just another way we are different from our competitors. We also offer our full technical expertise, support & service on everything we sell.

Delivery, installation & testing day for the Baileigh Industrial tube bender.
Delivery , installation & testing day for the Baileigh Industrial Tube Bender.

Once we receive your order, we can deliver it right to your door, set it up, test & help to show how it works.

Not everyone does that!

From manual machine tools, CNC machines, industrial equipment, tools, attachments, measuring with HEIDENHAIN products or ACU-RITE® systems, we make your buying experience a great one.

Our services to the #manufacturingindustry, continue with our service technicians working to level, repair & rebuild machines for your shop. Our services cover a lot of ground!

American Lathe in our service center being rebuilt.
American Lathe in our service center being rebuilt.

This American Lathe was brought in for a #machinetoolrebuild & as we are waiting on the bed to be ground, we continue to work on the other parts of the machine, cleaning, repairing & scraping it back to it's new machine tolerances.

Today, our technicians are on site to work on a grinder. Tomorrow it will be another job.


Last week, we had just one of the many #careercenters, #schools, #tradeschools & #communitycolleges that we work with, call to inquire about #newequipment.

This local school system is looking for an #EdwardsIronworker. This 40 Ton Ironworker is the equipment that they are looking at.

Working to discuss all the features that they need, including the attachments, Mike Rossi, our founder, was able to get pricing/availability right to them. Edwards Ironworkers are high-quality long-lasting equipment that make your shop, school program or industrial applications better.

Millpwr G2 is just one of the ACU-RITE products that we sell, install & service
The ACU-RITE MILLPWR G2 is a CNC control that we sell, install & service.

And speaking about schools, ACU-RITE® has a discount program for #schools, #careercenters, #tradeschools, #communitycolleges.

ACU-RITE® offers their "Discounts for Teachers" program for schools that teach the trades.

Full Digital Readout Systems are discounted at 35% off the regular price & the MILLPWR G2 sells at a 25% discount off of the list price, making it easy to upgrade your school's manual machines to CNC. Find out how you can really have a competitive teaching program.

Pictured Below: ACU-RITE® provided Randolph Community College with the systems for their manual mills. On the left you can see the Millpwr G2 that is a CNC control, teaching CNC without all the extra costs of a large CNC machining center. The other machines might have the full DRO system, probably the DRO200 which is the most popular & efficient for the money. Teaching the trades is something we can get behind! By the way, they are using the ACER E-Mills as their mills and we sell them too! The ACER E-Mill™ is probably the best quality, affordable mill around. They have longevity, productivity, accuracy and a build that we like. After all we should know; we rebuild machine tools as part of our services!

Randolph Community College uses the Millpwr G2, ACU-RITE SYSTEMS,  ACER E-MILLS:  We sell them all .
Randolph Community College uses the Millpwr G2, ACU-RITE, & ACER E-MILLS, all of which we sell.

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