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If you are looking for powerful lathes made in the USA, you have come to the right place.

Fryer has several different Lathe Series to choose from. 

These lathes were designed by tool makers and they included all the features that help them with their projects. With 3 in their series, they are called Easy Turn Lathes: 

These machine tools for sale have the quality, performances & finished products your shop needs to compete in this industry.

Easy Turn ET-TR Series       Easy Turn ET-LC Series         Easy Turn ET-XL Series

Easy Turn ET-TR Series


Lloyd Rebar-0621ET lathe

Fryer went to the experts for this quality lathe.  Designed by toolmakers for toolmakers, the Fryer Easy Turn Series provides rugged construction & high accuracy in a compact toolroom lathe. 

  • The Easy Turn is easier to use than a conventional lathe yet offers the productivity of a CNC.

  • Time consuming manual set-ups for threading, chamfers, & contours are eliminated by the Easy Turn's handle driven "Do One" cycles & electronic stops.

  • 3 D graphic verification. 

  • Standard G code programing. 

  • Handwheel run mode.

  • Thermally stable, high-quality Meehanite castings.

  • Harden & ground ways with Turcite B liners.

  • Two speed auto-shift gear box.

  • C 3 grade double nut ball screws with class 7 bearings.

  • Hand built precision +/- .0002"

  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.

  • Designed & built in the USA by American Craftsmen

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ET-LC large capacity easy turn lathes

Heavy duty construction distinguishes the Fryer ET Large Capacity Series Lathes.  These powerful lathes were designed for applications that require high rigidity is a must. 

  • Fryer offers the option of custom configuration for your most demanding applications.  

  • The Easy-to-use operator interface allows simple shop floor programming for one-off parts. 

  • Fit with high-performance drives and motors combine with standard G-Code interface allowing production to run smoothly and efficiently.

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Easy Turn ET-XL Series
  • The Fryer ET-XL Series lathes provide the ultimate in performance for your large part machining needs.
  • These wide bed (30") heavy duty engine lathes provide incredible capacity to handle the toughest jobs you have.  
  • Designed as the heaviest machines in its class, these machines feature centers distances up to 240" and spindle bores up to 16".
  • Innovative features like live tooling, C axis, Y axis, automatic chucks and auto steady rests allow you to customize the machine to suit your applications.
  • Three speed autoshift geared headstock.
  • Full manual mode with 2 handwheels.
  • One button fast setup-simplifies setup process
  • 50 HP high torque spindle.
  • Hydraulic tailstock with built-in live center.
  • Digital servo motors and drives with absolute encoders. 
  • Heavy duty construction, making it an excellent choice for extra large part machining.
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Fryer East Turn XL 65

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Getting you the right machine, is our mission.

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