From measuring, positioning, probing and KOMA precision products, we have options for all your machine tool accessories.  We cover a lot of ground in the CNC machine tool and manual machine tool world. 

NEWALL digital readouts, FAGOR Automation digital readouts and other products, all sold by us.


Newall provides a high-quality and high-performance digital readout systems (DRO) and linear feedback encoders that feature the no glass option. 

Established in 1968, Newall systems have the quality, and durability that just makes sense. 

The unique inductive encoder technology makes this system an excellent choice for extreme environments. 

Newall is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service.  When the no glass technology is required, we suggest Newall as a great solution.

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Fagor-Prokit for mills


FAGOR AUTOMATION provides a great solution in measuring & feedback. Competitive in their pricing, we think that they offer high-quality products for all of the manufacturing industries.  Their commitment to the new technological advancements in the industry makes them a quality company. 
From digital readout systems to their controls FAGOR has solutions worth seeing.  


​The unique design of the enclosed linear and angular encoders offer exceptional resistance to the presence of solid or liquid contaminants and help minimize tool positioning errors during machining of parts on CNC-controlled machine tools.


Systems consisting of dimension displays (DRO) and optical linear encoders specially designed for the user to get the most out of conventional machining machines, allowing the user to achieve high quality and finished parts and components.

Fagor-linear encoders for digital readout system.
TUSUDAKOMA horizontal rotary tables


At Koma Precision they serve customers by supplying proven, powerful machine tool attachments and accessories. For over 37 years Koma Precision has been the exclusive importer, national distributor & service center for Tsudakoma rotary tables.
  • The Tsudakoma dual lead gearing system delivers the optimum balance between power, durability, & smooth cutting performance.
  • the Tsudakoma dual lead gearing system features the largest tooth engagement of any rotary table manufacturer​.
  • This system generates up to 85% torque transfer efficiency.
  • Horizontal Rotary Tables.
KOMA Alberti Live Tools


KOMA is the world's largest supplier for Alberti-the originator & the foremost innovator of productivity tooling.
  • Alberti angle heads support a wide array of precision manufacturing applications, enabling multi-angle machining within strict tolerances while delivering efficiency and durability.
  • The SmartChange Sytem units have a standard profile with no additional projection to reduce the chance of interference with the machine's enclosures.
  • Alberti's patent pending design creates three points of contact between the driven tool holder body & tool holder output surfaces so there is no compromise in concentricity & rigidity to gain speed & convenience of quick-change tooling. 
  • With the SmartChange System one set of live tools can always stay in the machine with only the adapters needing to be changed. 
  • This provides improved efficiency & flexibility, plus a reduction in overall tooling costs.
Renishaw RMP60 probe


 The finest in probing and tool setting, we distribute the Renishaw brand. "Apply Innovation" is their tagline and really best describes RENISHAW products. They keep pace with the changes in our industry. 



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