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ACU-RITE® Products provide your shop better performances.

Acu-rite products provide your shop with better performances and upgrade your legacy equipment. They pay for themselves in less scrape and better operator efficiency.

What ACU-RITE® Products can do for you is Today's Focus, offering you a way to get more competitive with your existing machines.

We are Factory-trained paired with our over 30+ years experience in repair, rebuild or replacement of machine tools makes us the experienced & expert people to work with.

We are a distributor for ACU-RITE® and HEIDENHAIN so we really can cover anything that you might need. There is a solution from one of these two sister companies.

Heidenhain owns ACU-RITE® Products so excellence is built into all the products!

And ACU-RITE® has always been Made in the USA.

We teach your operator on how to use the new digital readout system
We teach your operator how to use the new digital readout system.

Between Rossi Machinery Services and ACU-RITE® we work hard to integrate your machines & upgrade your productivity.

Below see the information from ACU-RITE® which gives you all the reasons to upgrade your legacy equipment.

Breathing life into your old equipment is easy with Rossi Machinery Services, #rossimachineryservices. At Rossi, we teach you how to use your new digital readout system. Upgrading your old equipment just makes sense!

ACU-RITE® DRO SYSTEMS Are sold by Rossi Machinery Services and Made in the USA.
ACU-RITE DRO SYSTEMS are sold by us and made in the USA


The combination of a DRO and linear encoder—can bring a stagnant machine back to life, making it a profit center again, eliminating paper-and-pencil calculations for offsets or other dimensions and reduces the fatigue that comes with counting hand wheel turns and straining to read verniers.

Not to mention, engaging, modern-looking and empowering controls can play an important role in both hiring and streamlining workforce development.

Younger workers are used to working with technology and have a desire to use it in their work.

ACU-RITE has been making digital readouts (DROs) in America for several decades. At Rossi Machinery, we can assist you in choosing the right system, installing your the new system, educating your operator on the system and providing support & services on your equipment. We are your partner in your success.

Take a look at our ACU-RITE® page to see all their high performance technology solutions! If you need exacting, high-precision measuring look at HEIDENHAIN on our website:

Just need some information? Reach out. We are here to help!

Toll Free: 866-622-4488


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