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We are Your High Quality Distributor. And We can Help You.

We are your High Quality Tools Distributor
High Quality Tools Distributor With Everything You will Ever Need

We are your High Quality Tools Distributor & We can Help You.

How does that help you?

You get your products, attachments & parts from a Dealer that has the most knowledgeable Technicians (#rebuilding #technicians) to help you pick the right product.

We sell every type of SERVO's powerfeed
Our Powerfeeds are made in the USA & have different models for different applications.

From #Bridgeportparts #powerfeeds, #powerdrawbars, #CNCretrokits and so much more this line carries everything you will need.

Our High Quality Tool line is a high -quality line , with most of the products made in the USA.

We make finding your products is easy.

We rebuild so many Bridgeports & Bridgeport Heads, installed so many SERVO Power Feeds, Power Drawbars, installed belts, vises, and SERVO Variable Frequency Drives, we are experts in all things #bridgeports.

Did you know that we have been a High Quality Tools distributor for over 28+ years?

If it is a Bridgeport part we have it. All the tools that you will need, all the many parts are carried by High Quality Tools. Do you need the "Twin-Grip Quill-Feed Speed Handle"? Or a Belt for your Bridgeport? Do you need a switch? We can get it for you.

Bridgeport head parts are carried right down to the B-Series -1 HP's cam ring. High Quality carries every large and small parts that rebuild the Bridgeport from top to bottom.

We used our High Quality Tools parts to rebuild this Bridgeport, adding SERVO products too.
We used our High Quality Tools parts in the Bridgeport. We added SERVO attachments.

Do you have a Bridgeport B series?

This Bridgeport Type is a very popular Bridgeport that most always makes a great machine to rebuild.

Pictured Left: You can see the Bridgeport that we rebuilt for a customer who wanted it to have many extra features available.

  • SERVO Frequency Drive installed

  • New Lubrication System

  • SERVO Power Feed added.

Other options are:

  • The Power Drawbar, which adds the so much value:

  • eliminates excessive downtime,

  • increases productivity, ends collect sticking,

  • no special collets or tool holders needed,

  • Four second tool change

  • Easy installation and operation: You don't need any special tools!

  • Push Button Control

  • Uses standard shop air supply

  • Provides uniform tightening of collets.

  • 2-year Limited Warranty.

Are you looking to Retrofit your Bridgeport?

We have another option for you in the SERVO CNC Retrofit Kit.

SERVO CNC Retrofit Kit Sold by Rossi Machinery Services.
SERVO CNC Retorfit Kit SOLD by US

Made in the USA by SERVO Automation, you know that you are getting the quality from a company that dedicates itself to upgrading your Bridgeport to meet today's demanding machining applications.

Time is money and the High Quality Tools' Products, specifically the SERVO products such as this Retrofit package just makes sense.

As we are familiar with hanging controls in our service work; why would you work with anyone else?

With us you get the great pricing , our full technical expertise & our world-class support & service long after the sale.

Custom Design PLC Control Panel w/ Features
Custom Designed PLC Control Panel w/Features




  • It is the most cost effective CNC retrofit package on the market.

  • 220V Single Phase

  • 3 HP Variable Frequency Drive.

  • PLC Control Panel: Does NOT require a PC/Windows.

  • Precision Ballscrews

  • Inch, Metric Programing

  • MPG (JOG) Wheel

  • 4th Axis Ready

  • Lockable Cabinet Door With Safety Interlock

  • USB Interface

  • 500 Watt Braking Resistor

  • High Efficiency Cooling Fan with User Replaceable Filters.

  • 400 Watt True Servo Motors.

  • 6 Relays for Controlling Peripheral Devices Through M-Functions.

  • Pre-wired for Power Drawbar Safety Lockout Solenoid.

Packages Start as Low as: $5495.00

Why deal with any other distributor? We have you covered.

  • You get all the technical support & service that you will ever need.

  • We understand all the products, parts & devices, having worked with them for over 28 years.

  • Our sales are just one part of the process; the service starts when you yes to our quote.

  • Questions are welcomed. Options are shared. No one company's needs are the same.

  • Call Today: 866-622-4488 or e-mail:



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