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We are The Better Industrial Equipment Supplier

We are the better industrial supplier- Yes

Rossi Machinery Services logo
Your full product & service company for industry

That's US! And we want to tell you why we think so.

So many industrial supplier companies claim to be your supplier for everything you need for your shop, but that's not always the case.

We distribute for both HEIDENHAIN & ACU-RITE, something not all distributors can say
We are your authorized HEIDENHAIN Distributor.

Many times they come to places like ROSSI MACHINERY SERVICES, to purchase the product, have it sent to them & then they sell it to you.

And that's fine. We are glad to help.

That's our mission.

We enhance, serve & provide #manufacturing with the products, #machinetools, #industrialequipment, #heidenhain, #acu_rite & #machinetoolservices that make them more competitive.

indicating in a rebuild
An example of our rebuilding services. We indicate & check all the tolerances!

Our experience, expertise & reputation has provided #RossiMachineryService the reputation for the highest quality, most informative, fair & #reputable #industrialsupplier in Ohio.

Our knowledge of #cncmachine & #manualmachinetools reaches to almost every type of #machinetool out there. Trained by the German-style of rebuilding, our method of doing business has followed that same precision approach in everything we do & sell. That sets us apart from many sales companies.

Quality is so important to us.

We help you to choose the best fit for your shop or we don't sell to you. We would rather tell you that we cannot help you than to sell you something that won't work or that you won't like. Many customers have come back to buy other products from us because we were honest with them.

We provide you with the expertise that only an expert technician can share about the product.

We sold two ACER  CNC Bed Mills
Not the first time we have sold two of the same machine to a customer. We say two is better than one!

Those of you who follow our posts will be familiar with our recent machine sale to the #medicalmanufacturing firm in Wooster, Ohio. We use them as an example of the many #repeatcustomers we have, some back to our part-time days of the 1980's! This is just one example! This ACER 1054 Rigid head CNC Bed Mill was so productive that the customer chose to purchase another. Their business is expanding & we couldn't be happier for them.

Our product distributorships benefit you because not only do you get the best pricing, but we have the technical support & service to offer on everything we sell. We have the quality distributorships that matter: Heidenhain & ACU-RITE® are just one example. Not every distributor has both companies. It's a tribute to our hard work, experience, diligence & care that we put into every sale of Heidenhain & ACU-RITE®. Recently we "caught the additional part" needed for a very large #heidenhainorder. Our customer was so grateful. We stay on the sale as it progresses, giving updates, & are ready to complete it and support it when it is complete.

JET logo
We are your JET Equipment Distributor

Our newest distributorship is JET Equipment.

But with JET you don't just get the JET line. JET, #jetequipment, purchased several of the best #industrialequipmentcompanies & brought them under the JET name.

Why is this important? Some of the product lines overlap in the offerings which ends up benefiting you.

Different features, builds, performances can be discussed with our technicians to inform you on which product line will better serve your specific applications.

#JET, #BaileghIndustrial, #Powermatic, #Wilton (holding devices) #edwardsironworkers. Jet reaches into all industrial equipment, machine tools & with axillary equipment, #airfiltration, #drills, #saws, #woodworking.

As you can see there is not too much that we don't have as a distributorship.

What's good about this? We ensure that we have all the product knowledge to sell the products you need, support them the way you want and service them long after the sale and we do this all with the #rossimachineryservices staff.

So the next time you need a machine tool, a piece of industrial equipment, Heidenhain, ACU-RITE® or any other piece of equipment or any other support equipment tool, or service, take a look at #rossimachineryservice. You won't be sorry. Our full product lines are listed on . Give us a call.

We sell all of these JET product lines
The family of JET Product Lines

Call us today: 866-622-4488 We love to help


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