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Up Your Game in 2024-Rebuilt Bridgeport

Up your game in 2024 with a Rebuilt Bridgeport as just one solution.

As we get ready to end this year, we wanted to share some thoughts on products in 2024. It is very important to adhere to your budget, but when legacy equipment just doesn't have the parts available anymore OR they are so cost prohibitive, may we offer you a few other solutions.

This Basic Bridgeport was rebuilt with new machine tool tolerances. We do not cut corners.
This Basic Bridgeport was rebuilt with new machine tolerances by us. We do not cut corners.

Rebuilt Bridgeport:

If new is completely out of the question, and your Bridgeport falls into the "unrepairable" category, we suggest working with us on getting a #rebuildbridgeport. Rebuilt Bridgeports can make all the difference.

Right now we have one that is almost finished.

Put your name on it!

Pictured here is a Bridgeport that was rebuilt with just the basics.

We work with you to see what it is that your shop needs. A basic rebuild may be the answer.

Rebuilt Bridgeport with all the extras added by us.
Rebuilt Bridgeport with all the extras added by us.

For others as pictured to the right, they require a Bridgeport that has the "Bells & Whistlers"

  • DRO system

  • SERVO Powerfeed.

  • New SERVO frequency drive.

This is what we do. Our mission is always to work with your staff, learning what it is that you do & what would actually benefit your shop.

Not everyone needs or wants all the extras.

Working with us is easy that way. We don't sell you what you don't need.

Having the basic Bridgeport machine here means that you can look at it, decide what it is that you want added or just leave it with the basics. If you want a DRO system, we offer FAGOR AUTOMATION or ACU-RITE®.

We can even retro-fit it to be CNC with FAGOR, ACU-RITE® or SERVO Automations affordable package. So let's talk.

Finally, if you just need a good machine tool, and you want new we can talk ACER E-Mill™.

They come with options on table size and accessories. The base machine is very affordable. You can see the one on the "Specials Page" on the website.

In 2024 we will be 29 years + in the business. Our reputation for service, quality, & honesty has kept us the company to work with. We do not cut corners on our #machinetoolrebuilds. What can we do for you?

Bridgeport Table Scraped & Flaked.
Bridgeport Table Scraped & Flaked

Oh how we make them shine!

Call Today:

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