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The Story of The TUR Lathe:

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TUR Lathe rebuild and repairs.

TUR LATHE, is a Polish-built lathe that is now considered a legacy machine.

Pictured to the right: A TUR lathe rebuilt by Rossi Machinery Services, Inc.

Recently we were called in on a repair of the Tur. The machine had a wreck, damaging parts of the lathe.

After troubleshooting the lathe, part of the required repair called for a new half nut. Unfortunately with legacy equipment, we are seeing the shrinking of parts or as in this case, the parts are no longer being imported. We go the distance if at all possible, we find a way to make the repair.

The dilemma in this case was the 1/2 nut was absolutely needed replaced. It was destroyed in the wreck.

Since we have the expertise in machine tool rebuilds and repairs, we knew what and how to make this repair. We provided the sample with our instructions to our local machine shop: Knowlton Machine.

Knowlton Machine provides custom machining and welding.

Knowlton, like Rossi Machinery Services, Inc is a family -owned & operated company that places their customers' needs as a priority. We support all our local businesses & Knowlton is a just one of the great ones here in Ashland Ohio.

Per our sample a new half nut machined
New Half Nut

Pictured Right: Half Nut machined per our sample by Knowlton Machine.

When we repair, rebuild, or upgrade a machine, we know that evaluating the machine, especially after a crash, is very important.

Expertise in the troubleshooting of machines is, like rebuilding, a skill that not everyone in this industry achieves well. We are well versed in troubleshooting machine tools.

Our technicians take their time to fully evaluate, troubleshoot and report to our customers our suggested solutions for their machines.

New Half Nut machined per our sample
New Half Nut

Once the customer has signed off on the quoted estimate for the repairs, we got right to work.

In addition to the half-nut repair, we were able to handle some of the other needed repair parts in-house.

We have our own machine shop for simple repairs and parts. This often saves the customer money with our staff performing the machining.

Our skilled technician will re-produce the remaining parts.

The most detailed part, the half nut, went to Knowlton who specializes in Custom Machining and Welding.

At Rossi Machinery Services, Inc. our customers' rebuilds, repairs, upgrades and machine tool replacements become our focus.

We know that each manufacturer provides a different product in this industry. One size doesn't fit all.

We sell to medical manufacturers too.
Bed Mill sold to Medical manufacturing company.

From medical manufacturing to a job shop, each customer has different needs.

We know that. Likewise, different machine tools provide different functions.

Taking time to know what the machine tool is producing for your shop also helps us to troubleshoot, repair or rebuild it.

In addition, we can offer a little information on how to keep the machine running in great condition. Preventative maintenance is key to keeping a well running machine.

At Rossi Machinery Services, Inc. we take pride in all our services.

After all, our name is on everything we do!

Rossi Machinery Services, Inc. has been serving manufacturing with our quality products, services, rebuilds and solutions to enhance and increase manufacturers' ability to compete.

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