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Bridgeport Rebuild: Update.

Bridgeport rebuild with the lubrication system installed. Lubrication is an important part of the rebuild.
Last week the Lubrication system was installed. We do many & they are a big part of the rebuild.

Bridgeport Rebuild: Update. Lubrication system installed.

We have done more rebuilds and lubrication installations than we can count, but one thing is the common denominator, precision. Installing the system takes a finesse and Mike Rossi has that skill nailed down.

When Mike rebuilds a Bridgeport you know that he is going to take care of every little detail; this comes from his many years experience & his original training in the German-style of rebuilding.

What's great about his rebuild? It is still in the early stages where we can order and install all the quality attachments that will make this an even more powerful machine. The rebuild alone will bring this machine back to "new machine tolerances", making it a great machine.

Variable Frequency Drives are great additions to your mill.
We sell Variable Frequency Drives to upgrade your mill.

Variable frequency drives add the reliability & productivity to the machine.

The Chart of SERVO's Variable Frequency Drives.
The Chart of SERVO's Variable Frequency Drives

ACU-RITE® family of digital readout systems for  your mill.
ACU-RITE® has a digital readout system for your mill.

What other accessories are a good choice? By far the ACU-RITE® digital readout system is the best way to gain accuracy, productivity & reduce scrap. So many ACU-RITE® system that range in features. One will fit your needs. Thinking of going CNC? ACU-RITE®'s MILLPWR G2 is the way to go. We can hang one for you! We are factory-trained and have the expertise for this job.

The NEW SERVO Power Feed.
The NEW SERVO Power Feed.

SERVO Power Feed: This new product replaces all the other power feeds and sports more power with featuring a brushless DC motor and an emergency stop switch. Call for more details on this valuable addition to the machine.

SERVO's POWER DRAWBAR; We sell them.
Power Drawbar by SERVO; We sell them.

What other additions make Bridgports & mills more efficient?

The High Quality line offers the Speedy Power Drawbar which is another popular addition to your mill.

All in all there is nothing like a rebuild Bridgeport and these additions make it more efficient.

The April 15th Bridgeport Rebuild picture.
The April 15th look at the Bridgeport Rebuild in Process. Do you need a Bridgeport?

Whether you purchase this Bridgeport Rebuild, machine only or if you make additions to the final machine, you know that a #rebuildbridgeport from #rossimachineryservices is going to worth the money, have the longevity, performances and finished parts that you will like.

Stay tuned for more on this project! Call if you have questions about this rebuild:

866-622-4488 Ask for Mike


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