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Rossi Machinery: We Go the Distance:


Rossi Machinery Service is your trusted source for parts and service of the

ACU-RITE® G2 CNC System for knee mills and bed mills.

From complete system installation to console replacements Rossi Machinery Services has the knowledge and skills to ensure an increase in your productivity.

Our factory trained G2 technician has built and done repairs to a long list of machine tools. We feel that is what sets us apart from the competition.

With our background in machine rebuilding we can accurately diagnose problems with accuracy, repeatability and concentricity. Machine geometry plays a huge part in t he success of a new G2 installation or the longevity of producing good parts on an existing system.

Recently we were called in to help a customer that has a G2 on a machine that they purchased. They had issues on their machine. They had factory service and three different companies in to try and solve the problems with circular interpolation, poor finishes, random alarms and a lack of spindle power.

Naturally, they were completely disgusted with the G2 system and reach out to Rossi Machinery Services to "take one more look at the problems".

Most times alarms are generated from a machine issue. Our course of action was to look at the condition of the machine first.

We found that the spindle drive belts were loose, thus the lack of power and the spindle stalling out under a load.

Next, we found the gibs to be loose which would affect circular interpolation.

Once the gibs were adjusted we looked at the alignment of the linear scales.

Both the X and Y scales were not properly aligned which would generate alarms and contribute to the other problems.

Now we can servo tune and adjust parameters.

The CNC control is only as good as the information it has to work with, in other words: "Garbage in Garbage Out"

Our philosophy is without a good foundation there is no success.

Mike Rossi, Founder/VP


866-622-4488 EXT. 102

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