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Make Your Best Start in 2024 with us: Rossi Machinery Services.

Rossi Machinery Services sells products, industrial equipment, machine tools and services
Rossi Machinery Services sells products, industrial equipment , machine tools & services

Yes! Make your best start in 2024 with us: Rossi Machinery Services because we are more than just service. Our vast product lines, machine tools, industrial equipment and measuring systems are just some of the products that we sell.

Our roots began with #machinetoolrebuilding and repairs. As our reputation grew so was the demand for high-quality, reasonably priced & solid products for our #manufacturingcustomers. We did our homework and began with ACU-RITE® and HEIDENHAIN as our first distributorships. You don't get them without having the knowledge & expertise to sell and service them! That was over 25 years ago. Since then we have added so many more valuable products that really do make a difference in your business.

Our mission has always been to provide products & services that enhance and uplift your companies while working within your budgets. That's why we are going into our 13th year of A+ rating at the BBB.

The JET Family of Companies that we sell.
The JET Family of Companies that we sell

May we make a few suggestions? These JET companies along with Rossi Machinery Services offer so many valuable, affordable & premier #industrialmachinery #machinetoolsforsale, #industrialequipment and #industrialproducts for sale make your company run more efficient without breaking your budget. JET Tools owns #Baileighindustrial, #elitemachinery, #edwardsironworkers, #wiltonvisesandholdingdevises and all types of #woodworking products & #woodworkingmachinery from #jettools & #powermatic. And that's just the JET line. We already discussed #heidenhain and #acu_rite as premier companies for #measuringandfeedback on your #machinetools. But we also offer other solutions when you just can't go that route.

ACER MACHINE TOOLS: We are your authorized dealer when it comes to ACER. Our roots in machine tool rebuilding makes us uniquely qualified to sell machine tools. Whether you need a #cncmachine, #manualmachinetool or a #fryermachinetoolsolution that offers both, we have you covered.

ACER 1760V is a variable speed lathe and just one of ACER's machine tools for sale
ACER 1760V Variable Speed lathe is just one of the machine in the ACER line.

We place many ACERs in shops all around Ohio and service them too.

From this 1760V. Variable Speed Frequency driven E-lathe to a gear-head lathe to the E-Mills that come with so many different table sizes, options and features, including the #CNCMILL with the #MILLPWRG2 to #ACERBEDMILLS,we can help. With way over 30 years in the field of #machinetoolrebuilding, #machinetoolrepairs and #sellingmachinetools, there is not much that we don't know. AND with Rossi Machinery Services you get the follow-up in support and service that many dealers don't offer.

Services is in our name and that goes for our sales! It is important to us to obtain, and retain customers. Many of our customers date back to our first day. They stay because we listen, educate and sell them only what they need. If the fix on their #legacyequipment can keep it going, we do that too.

May we suggest #rossimachineryservices for all your #industrialequipment, #machinetoolsales, #heidenhain, #acu_rite and all the accessories that help you to compete in this very competitive industry? We know our stuff and can back it up with the services you need. Just making a sale is easy, but sale with service, expertise, and support is golden. Call Today: 866-622-4488


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