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As we take a moment to re-cap our long history in the manufacturing industry, we thought it might be nice to do a "DEEP DIVE" into our original offerings. We are more than just a service company or a product company. We are a full product AND service company for all types of manufacturing.

Today, we look at our SERVICES: They cover a lot of ground, have produced the company that exists today and brings real value to your company, something that has always been our mission to you.

"Trained in the German-style of rebuilding", is something that we like to say all the time.

But why is that so different from how other rebuilding companies rebuild machines?

Doesn't everyone rebuild the same way?


What some companies pass for rebuilding is not a true rebuild.

We have encountered this problem while troubleshooting a machine that has been "rebuilt" for a customer and yet it continues to have many issues.

The German's apprenticeship program is an intensive, highly accurate training program where excellence is a must and the machine's original geometry is the focus.

Working to make a machine return to its new machine tolerances was not just a goal; it was the expectation.

Mike Rossi completed his training, becoming a master rebuilder.

Taking into account the original geometry, doing the mathematical calculations to return the machine to its original tolerances ,makes for a longer lasting, better performing, "new" machine tool that sometimes out performs its original performance levels.

Since we were trained to accept nothing less than excellence, we continue to provide rebuilds and repairs today that accomplish this.

Many of our rebuilds are still in service over 20+ years.

Along with the rebuild of your machine, we can offer preventative maintenance procedures to keep the quality of your newly rebuilt machine. Preventative maintenance is key.

We teach our customers how to perform preventative maintenance; while others ask us to provide a written program for them to follow and still others have us do it for them.

We individualize all our services.

Mike Rossi and his team of technicians keep this individual approach in everything they do.

Our repairs are also based on the machine's original intended purpose and geometry.

When we work on your machine, we take this same approach. We start by troubleshooting your machine's issues.

Troubleshooting is a skill- set that not all technicians have mastered.

It's a key skill to find issues on a machine.

We have found issues on machines that other repair & rebuild companies couldn't find.

Our troubleshooting skills were part of our extensive training.

To become a master rebuilder, one needs to have 10 years of experience and be able to accomplish many different tasks. We have done that. There are not too many issues that we have not encountered.

Whether you need a rebuild, repair, a machine troubleshooted, aligned, leveled, a new digital readout system and need us to install it, we have you covered.

Our services cover a lot of ground.

Your project becomes our project. Being asked back to assist you again, is the highest compliment you can pay us.

In addition, we sell all the products, attachments, measuring systems, and machine tools for your shop. Products & services together make it easier to handle all your shop's needs in one place. We cover it all.

Pictured below: The customer purchased an ACER E-Head™ from us and not only got the best pricing, but we installed it on the machine, ran through how to use it , and will follow up and support it after the sale. That is what sets us apart: products, services, support and follow-up. We are a One Stop Shop for everything your shop might need!

What else sets us apart?

You have options with us:

Many customers ask us to quote a rebuild or repair AND a new machine replacement.

This helps them to decide the long-term plan for their machines.