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THE JWB-10 10" Open Stand Bandsaw: 1/2 HP., 1 PH., 115V.


$584.99 until March 12th, 2023

If you are looking for a high-quality woodworking benchtop saw, we have a solution for you. Take a deep dive into another one of JET 's woodworking bandsaws.

JET equipment is known for lasting high-quality products from tools to machine tools & all types of equipment that are both affordable & long lasting.

We recommend them & have become a full distributor. We are really excited to be a part of Jet's distributor network.

How are we different? Our roots in the German-style rebuilding & repairs gives us a unique knowledge on manufacturing equipment.

For over 28 years, Mike Rossi has made machine tools, their attachments & shop equipment his focus, but he also believes that service & support are key.

Unlike some other distributors, we sell all of JET's equipment but we offer our technical support & service as part of the sale at the same lowest prices in the industry.

Today's DEEP DIVE is on the 10" Benchtop Bandsaw from JET's woodworking line.

Check out it's specifications below!

This bandsaw has the same quality as the other woodworking bandsaws but comes as a benchtop bandsaw. It's compact design allows for easy transport to different shop locations.

It has a rigid steel stand which allows the bandsaw to transition from the benchtop to the floor, making this bandsaw very versatile.

The 10" benchtop woodworking saw has a heavy-duty 1/2 HP induction motor for various cutting applications. In addition, the Poly-V drive system maximizes power transfer from motor to blade and reduces vibration.

The upper and lower ball bearing blade guides provide you with blade stability. And the quick-release blade tension makes changing and re-tensioning the blade fast, easy and consistent.

Finally, this bandsaw has aluminum extruded fence ensures smooth sliding action and straight and precise cuts! If you are interested in a woodworking bandsaw, now is the time to buy.

JET's woodworking bandsaws are on sale until March 12, 2023. We sell at the lowest price out there BUT also provide full technical support and service.

Call Mike Today: 866-622-4488 Ext. 102

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