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Bridgeport mills have a lasting quality, build and durability that makes them a great rebuild project.

Although we often see generic mills that are "too far gone" to rebuild, usually the Bridgeport mill can be rebuilt; they hold their quality.

We do many of them. Pictured right: A complete rebuild with some great upgrades.


This customer requested a fully rebuilt machine, returning it to its original new machine tolerances. They chose to add features to their new rebuilt machine:

  • We added a full digital readout system. ( we are distributor to many great options!)

  • We installed a new X axis power feed and a new lube pump. (machine lubrication is key!)

  • The head on this mill was a "pulley type". We always recommend changing that. We changed this head to a variable speed head. The ACER E-Head™ is also a great option: affordable, high performance & great technology.

  • We often like to recommend painting the machine , as seen here, because the added cost finishes the job! It is not mandatory. You decide.

  • Other options are using ball screws instead of ACME screws.

  • If you are looking for a real high-performance precise mill, there's no better way to upgrade your Bridgeport than the ACU-RITE® Millpwr G2. It just makes the machine so much more productive, user-friendly and comes with so many features that the cost pays for itself in productivity, less waste & operator interface.


When it comes to rebuilding a machine, it can be tricky if you only want a partial rebuild. Often we do these but we like to inform our customers that it is the machine's geometry that matters.

HAND IN GLOVE: If we scrape one part of the machine and fix the issue on that part, it might not bring any positive results if other parts are so out of tolerance.

It is important to discuss with us what your expectations are, how precise do you need your machine, and what are you milling? We are here to inform you. Our suggestions help you make the best use of your budget.


Our work speaks for itself! Our German-style of rebuilding provides your machine the "New Machine Tolerances", which simply provides a longevity that many of our other rebuilds are a testament to. . Many of the were rebuilt over 20 years ago and are still performing with excellence.

Machine Tool Rebuilding is an Art.

It takes knowledge and a skill set that includes the understanding of the machine's geometry to bring it back to new machine tolerances.

Often we see machine tools that were rebuilt or retro-fit, but they continue to have real issues.

Why? Because the rebuilder or retro-fitting company changed the machine's intended purpose to perform something that it was not intended to do. Often very large machines are retro-fitted to become CNC. That is tricky & a story for another time. Before retro-fitting, think about whether the machine was built to do this operation.

We have seen many horror stories out there.


It takes a master to provide the finishes that make the machine so productive (and one that also looks great too!)

The process of "Flaking" is an art form in itself and is often the hardest part of learning to rebuild. Each finish has a purpose. It looks easy but it is not.

Our work shines. Whether it is the rebuilt finish, the paint finish or the overall performance of your machine tool.

We have the quality built into everything we rebuild, service or sell.

Our work has our name on it. We take pride in our work, our industry and our customers. We love our repeat customers. German-style of rebuilding with excellence built into every rebuild. That's why we call them

NuBuild by ROSSI

What can we do for you? 866-622-4488 Mike Rossi


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