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ACU-RITE Scale Issues? We can help.

Do your ACU-RITE® scales have issues? All is not lost.

Did you know that in addition to #selling #acu_ritescales, we repair them? That's another reason that we go above & beyond in support of all our sales & products. Does you have ACU-RITE Scale issues? We can help.

Because at Rossi Machinery Services our mission is to increase your efficiency, competitive edge & save you money!

ACU-RITE® Scale for repair

Does your scale look like this?

This ACU-RITE® scale had plenty of problems.

ACU-RITE® Scale for repair picture #2

Instead of reporting that we "just need to replace it", we troubleshot the scale's many issues.

We found a few.

Problem # 1:

The first issue was the scale's casing.

It had broken and damage was done.

When the casing broke, the cable was severed. See Image on the right:

In evaluating the reader head and the glass scale, we found that both were still good.

The state of the glass & the reader head provides us the best answer on whether we can fix the scale & have it fully operational with the accuracy that you need.

ACU-RITE® needs cleaned
ACU-RITE® Scale needs cleaned

Problem #2: This scale had excessive dirt and grease and the lip seal was no longer keeping the glass & reader head protected. (see above)

The Repair:

Since the only real issue with this scale was the lip seal, cleaning & the severed cable, we determined that it could be saved. We began by cleaning the entire scale.

We ,then, cut and soldered the cable to fix that issue. Finally, we installed new lip seal to ensure that this scale would have the correct protection to the glass & the reader head.

If a scale can be fixed, we do it.

Often we find that customers don't clean the scales, the lip seal from becomes damaged & the scale is exposed to the particles in the environment .

If the scale has been damaged, like this one, we suggest you have us look at it. It might be able to be saved. In this case we were able to provide the fix and it is back in good working condition.

If the glass is damaged, a new scale is a must. Often you can replace a reader head & keep the scale operational.

Repaired ACU-RITE® Scale
ACU-RITE® scale is repaired Picture #3

In the case of this scale, we provided a great outcome for our customer

Once we were finished, it looked & performed like new. ( See left picture.)

If a new scale is in order, we ensure that you get the best pricing, support and installation (if you need it - local customers only).

Take time to visit us on the web & subscribe to our blogs. Specials are available to our customers.


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