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Rossi Machinery Services, Inc.

Get more productivity with affordable shop and industrial equipment.

We are your industrial equipment supplier,  we sell machine tools, industrial machinery, accessories, attachments and parts.

We can offer much more than most sales companies.


We can simply "Do It Better"  Here's How:

Reach out for your free consultation now.

We never share your information with anyone.

Remora Carbon, MI., ACER  E-Mill and Dynamic Lathe
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We do it better



You get an expert sales staff that has actually rebuilt and repaired machines .  We know all the different types, applications, builds and which ones perform better than others.


Service is in our name because unlike many sales companies, we actually support and service all our sales.  We built our company on service.


We don't just "drop ship" the equipment to you, we install it on the floor, level the machine for its best performance, hook it up to power and give you the quick tour.

 Mr. Snyder gets his first look and tour of his new ACER with a Millpwr G2
Customer Service:

Our customer service is unsurpassed. Check out our reviews below. 

We offer you the best prices that always come with our continued support and services for your new equipment. We want your repeat business! 

Cargill Machine Shop:

We purchased a Acer milling head for our Bridgeport clone. Any and all questions were answered with speed and knowledge behind the answer. Working with Trent Hitchcock the Sales and service manager was a great experience. Would recommend this company to anyone.

Tom  from Cargill Machine Shop

Cargill Machine Shop

Why Rossi? 



Our expert sales team comes from a vast technical experience in the repair, rebuild & upgrade of machine tools.  Your sales experience includes solid honest information on our different products to ensure that you are choosing the right machine, equipment or product that best fits your specific applications.


Service is in our name because with every sale you get our full technical support and services that continues long after the sale.  Unlike many other sales companies we have the technical expert staff to service everything we sell.


We don't just "drop ship the machine to you"; we offer our expert installations that include:

  • Placing the machine on the production floor where it will remain.

  • Leveling it, which is an important factor in your machine's ultimate productivity.

  • We hook the power to it,

  • We give you an overview of your new machine.   

  • Unlike catalogs, big box stores and some distributors, we actually have the technicians to perform this. We do this for you because we want your repeat business. 


Customer Service:

We built Rossi Machinery Services to service you.  Our mission is and has always been to focus on the customer. 

We focus on your specific applications, your budgets, and on serving your company  as a valued customer.

Our pricing, long term support, services, and installations make us the better choice.

We simply do it better.

Mike Rossi, Founder

With over 35+ years of serving Manufacturing and Other Industries, 

Mike makes your shop's needs his main focus. From our start our mission has been to be a "Customer Focused" company.

Today, Our Reputation is Unsurpassed.

Our customers return because they know that they will get: 

Our Great Prices, Our Fast Service  and our Dedication to Continuous Support and Services to Them.

Mike Rossi, founder of Rossi Machinery Services is open for business.

Leave us a message and we'll get back to you.


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The  CNC  milling machine cutting  the mold parts by solid ball  end-mill tool. The hi-pre

Machine Tools

Our machine tool distributorships provide a wide array of machine tools for every application from manual machines to CNC machining centers. We work with solid companies that have the types of machine tool builds, features and options that only a rebuild technician would like.  Our vast experience in repairing and rebuilding machines gives us a unique and educated view when selling you a machine. We understand the different types of machines, applications and the different types of manufacturing firms.  When you work with us we focus on you. Your applications, budgets and operator skills are all part of our sales experience.  


At Rossi Machinery, we are proud to be a trusted distributor of Jet Tools & Equipment, 

We offer so much more than the catalogs, big box stores & some distributors.


We sell all of  JET & their companies at JET's lowest allowable Minimum Pricing.

We Offer our Full Technical Support, Services, Installations and Free Shipping* 

You simply can get more for your money purchasing from us.


ACU-RITE® products are a top choice for our customers looking for measuring and feedback or for controls.

ACU-RITE®  products keep your equipment performing at their highest productivity, reliability and have lasting quality. 

ACU-RITE® is part of HEIDENHAIN's family of products so you know that the quality is baked into the design of all their products.

See all the newest innovative products from ACU-RITE® as they keep pace with manufacturing's technological advancements.

ACU-RITE® is Made in the USA.

We are your authorized ACU-RITE® Distributor.

 We take pride in the high quality, performance and durability of all ACU-RITE's products.

We look forward to being your one-stop shop for all your ACU-RITE's needs.



Trust us to supply you with the best equipment in the industry - Heidenhain.


As your authorized distributor for over 25 years, we have seen firsthand the quality of these products provided by this premier company.


From measuring to feedback and controls, Heidenhain is achieving nanometer accuracy for all industries.


Contact us today for more information.

Latest News

This NEW ACU-RITE® app droPWR just makes sense. If you are a school or have multiple machines, you can transform your I-pad™ into a digital readout system. Save money, increase efficiency with the droPWR. This is a game changer for your shop!

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