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Woodworking Sale Continues: DEEP DIVE into Jet's Woodworking Drum Sanders.

On sale Jet's Woodworking Drum Sanders! Get yours today.

The 2244 Oscillating Drum Sander makes your work easy with it's patented features.
This 2244 Oscillation Drum Sander has all the features you need.

This Woodworking Sale Continues with a DEEP DIVE into Jet's Woodworking Sanders. We look at the DRUM SANDERS Today.


From every type of sander for woodworking, Jet offers the Oscillating Drum Sander. Pictured. It has the exclusive variable speed oscillating drum which moves from left to right, minimizing visual scratch patterns in the workpieces and increases the lifespan of the abrasive paper. It comes with the Sandsmart™ control, which adds so much accuracy to your work. The dust hood includes a patented integrated channel that mirrors the shape of the drum and directs chips and dust to the 4" collection port! Two more drum sanders are part of this offering: ID#723550OSK which comes with an open stand: 1-3/4HP, 1PH, 115V w/open stand or the ID#723544CSK which has the same 1 -3/4 HP, 1PH, 115V but comes with a closed stand.

The Jet ID#723520K is a great choice for a woodworking drum sander
The JET ID#723520K comes with 3 choices for your shop

Finally the Jet ID#723520K has three models:

  • 1.5HP, 1PH, 115V, Open Stand.

  • 1.75HP, 1PH, 115V, Open Stand.

  • the 2244 Drum sander Open Stand.

NEW! is the 1020 Benchtop Drum Sander ID#723510

It comes with: Heavy-duty die cast aluminum & steel body.

The Patented dust hood.

Parallelism adjust dial features a stop to quickly return the conveyor bed to the flat position.

Infinitely variable-speed control allows the user to choose the optimal feed rate.

The open ended design allows for up to 20" of sanding capacity with 2 passes.

The new 1020 benchtop drum sander by Jet is on sale
This new benchtop drum sander by Jet is ON SALE.

Interested in the benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander #ID 708404?or ID# 723950 Oscillating Spindle Sander? We will review them and the Oscillating Edge Sander and the Combination Belt/Disc Sanders next time.

If you see anything you like or want more information on, please do not hesitate to call. We want to inform you for you to make the right decisions for your own needs!

This sale goes on until November 27, 2023. Call Today. 866-622-4488


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