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We are Rebuilding a Bridgeport Just for Your Shop.

There's nothing like a #rebuilt #bridgeportmill. We are rebuilding a Bridgeport just for your shop! The old Bridgeports carried a quality that was unsurpassed. Our German-style of rebuilding returns this old Bridgeport to its original new machine tolerances. #newmachinetolerances. Taking into account the #machinetools geometry, German-style of rebuilding works off of the original build of the machine. Not every #machinetoolrebuildcompany can boast of this. Our rebuilds last and last.

We are applying TURCITE-B to the saddle to ensure smooth movements and lasting productivity of the Bridgeport Mill.
We apply Turcite-B to ensure smooth movements and lasting productivitiy

Pictured here is the TURCITE-B applied to the saddle. Applying Turcite-B ensures lasting wear and ease of movement.

Both are important to the process if you want the Bridgeport to perform at its highest ability.

Rossi Machinery Services is known for rebuilds that are still on the production floor way over 28 years and going.

Follow along with us as we rebuild this Bridgeport and if you are in the market for a #rebuiltbridgeport, you can reserve this one, customize the attachments and your digital

readouts. Make it a CNC? We can do that too. The ACU-RITE® MILLPWR G2 or FAGOR Automation has a great package too.

A view of the table being set up for it to be indicated in.
Indicating the Table on the Bridgeport

Here we are fitting the table. All parts of the Bridgeport must work in unison to perform as it was intended.

Although the process is labor intensive, the resulting machine will be an asset to your shop.

We are indicating the table to ensure that this Bridgeport is returning to its intended tolerances.
Indicating the Bridgeport Table is part of the rebuilding process

Indicating the table is an important function to ensure that we are getting the right measurements on the machine.

We may do this indication several times to keep our tolerances as we scrape the machine.

There will be more in the coming blogs. And if you are in the market, give Mike Rossi a call:

866-622-4488 or e-mail him at

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