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"Top 5 Benefits of Owning an ACER Lathe"

Our recent ACER 1340G high-speed precision engine lathe sale got us thinking about what our customers think are the benefits of owning an ACER Lathe. Here we share our thoughts based on our customer feedback. Certainly we have sold many of them. Each year ACER brings even more quality to their machine tool builds but we recommend ACER for their benefits. Here are the Top 5 Benefits of Owning an ACER Lathe:

ACER 2180S  lathe at the customer's business. It has a lot of turning ability.
This ACER Dynamic 2180S lathe is a powerful lathe with a lot of turning ability.


Our ACER #acerdistributorship, goes back over 20+ years & we have sold a lot of their machine tools, but one thing that we don't have to do a lot is service them because they have the reliability that you need when purchasing a new #acerlathe.

When following the simple maintenance tasks from ACER, you will find that your ACER lathe will last for years. And if you need service, we offer it too. We are specialists in machine tools. It is always helpful having someone who knows the machines and can support them when they sell them. That's us!


ACER has put a lot of thought into their offerings. From the variable speed frequency driven lathes to the gear head engine lathes, they offer plenty of sizes in both types of lathes. In addition to your selection of lathes, ACER offers an expansive list of optional

Customer's ACER 1340G at our shop where we installed the Acu-Rite DRO system, checked out the lathe, and secured it for our delivery to the customer.
New customer's ACER 1340G before delivery. We check it out, installed the DRO system and secured it for our delivery

accessories to meet any turning application. The most popular features are standard on the lathe.


  • HEADSTOCK: All gears are made with chromium molydenum steel and are hardened & ground to its accuracy. A forced lubrication system lubricates all running gears and bearing within the headstock.

  • GEAR BOX: Unique two lever universal gear box offers a wide range of cutting capacity. All ranges can be reached by moving two levers and two dials.

  • SPINDLE: 1-1/2" bored spindle is made from medium carbon steel and is induction hardened & ground to its final accuracy. It also has a two-point support with both bearings being taper roller.

  • APRON: Automatic feeding and threading in apron are fully interlocked to prevent simultaneous engagement of both functions.

  • TAILSTOCK: Keyed 1-7/16" diameter quill is hardened to Rockwell C 55° & ground to its inspection accuracy.

  • Nine-step speeds.

  • Oil level indicator.

  • Standard foot brake.

  • 24 volts safety control circuit.

  • Weigh in at 1,320 / 1,380 lbs.

  • Safety overload device.

  • Forward/stop/reverse lever.

  • Chip-pan (Removable type).

  • Oil level indicator.

  • Precision ground saddle ways.

  • Half nut engagement handle.

  • Hexagonal bed web.

  • Oil lubricated leadscrew.

  • 7-1/2" wide bed way with FC-30 casting iron.

  • Finally these lathes are painted with a two-tone automotive paint for lasting finishes.


ACER does a great job of maintaining the quality, while offering an affordable solution to turning. With so many legacy equipment becoming unrepairable, we lean on ACER to provide us a solution that fits budgets, maintains quality, and we are happy to support and service. It's important to know that you have a quality company providing the warranty & beyond. The ACER 1340G lathe's base price was $10,300.00


  • 1-1/2" Spindle Bore & D1-4 Camlock Spindle Nose,

  • 3 HP Spindle Motor

  • 9-spindle speed: 80~2,000 RPM.

  • Auto. Feed & Threading are interlocked to prevent simultaneous functions.

  • Hardened & Ground Bedway.

  • The Spindle is equipped with Precision Taper Roller Bearings.

  • Enclosed Gearbox and Feed Screw w/Built-In Safety Overload Friction Clutch.

  • Apron Handwheel is at the Carriage left side.

  • The Tailstock Barrel comes with Metric/Inch Scale.

  • 10" Face Plate.

  • 4-Way Tool Post

  • Steady Rest 0.78" ~2.15" Brass Tip

  • Follow Rest 0.78" ~1.97" Brass Tip

  • Foot Brake

  • Micrometer Stop.

  • Rear Splash Guard Full Length.

  • Built-in Coolant System.

  • Halogen Work Light.

  • Tool Box & Tools.

All these features and accessories come standard with this lathe. And their optional equipment offerings feature 14 different options, including their 2-Axis Newall Digital Readout System. On this ACER 1340G the customer opted for our ACUU-RITE® system & we installed it in the service center before delivering the lathe to them.


We offer more with our sales. We ensure a great delivery by securing the machine but also the accessories that come with the machine. And we don't just place the machine on your floor. Unlike other distributors, we set the machine up, connect the power and level the machine. Did you know that having your machine leveled properly can greatly impact its performance? It's true.

Below is the final stage of the ACER 1340G lathe purchased, installed, power connected & leveled by us. We are the distributor that goes the distance for you.

This picture is of the ACER 1340G on the customer's floor. We delivered it, set it up, hooked up the electric & leveled the machine.
This 1340G is delivered: Set up, Electric hooked up, and Leveled the machine.

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