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The Future of Manufacturing is Here, Providing the Equipment for Schools

The Future of Manufacturing is Here, we provide Schools the equipment they need to teach.

Mansfield City Schools worked with us, Rossi Machinery Services to upgrade their welding program at the high school. Expanding your student's abilities is key to keeping a strong, viable workforce for the future. This 40 ton ironworker from Edwards is made in the USA and comes with all the features to keep these students learning & expanding their knowledge. These students are happy to receive this new piece of equipment that will assist in their education in welding technology. The Edwards 40 Ton Ironworker is a great buy for any #school, #careercenter, #communitycollege or #manufacturingfacility, or #machineshop.

Two students in Mansfield City School's welding program take a picture with the new Edwards 40 ton ironworker that will enhance their program. It is made in the USA.
Two Students in the Welding Program receive their new Edwards 40 Ton Ironworker. Made in the USA

Edwards 40 Ton Ironworker features:

  • Four Workstations: 3 dedicated: Punch, Flat Bar Shear, and Angle Shear.

  • The 4th station is open so that you can customize your ironworker with 11 optional attachments that you customize your ironworker with.

  • 16 optional accessories available to ncrease precision and efficiency.

  • This ironworker is ANSI b11.51988(02) compliant guarding & ETL Certified controls.

  • It has an integrated E-Stop, Lock our/Tag-out.

  • All packages include factory installed attachments.

Mansfield City Schools took advantage of our Free Shipping (not everyone offers this). Pictured below our truck delivers the ironworker today.

Rossi Machinery Services is delivering this Edwards 40 Ton ironworker to Mansfield City Schools for free.
Rossi Machinery Services make the delivery saving the school shipping charges.

Free shipping is not all we offer. The school was pleased to know that with this piece of equipment and all their other purchases we offer our technical support & service. Not every dealer can do that.

Did you know that Edwards is just one part of the JET TOOLS & EQUIPMENT offerings?

We offer this on all of the JET product lines:

Baileigh Industrial, Edwards Ironworkers, Wilton Vises, Elite Machinery and Powermatic for those who need woodworking equipment.

We also offer #machinetoolsales to you for all your machine tool needs.

It was a great pleasure working with Mansfield City Schools & becoming part of the solution to great #manufacturingeducation. We support our trades, products, equipment, machine tools & services.

What can we do for you? 866-622-4488

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