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SOLD: This ACER 1340G, high- speed precision engine lathe is both affordable & provides excellent performances.

Delivered to Rossi Machinery's service center this ACER 1340G lathe will be fitted with the ACU-RITE® Digital readouts in the box next to the machine.
This ACER 1340G high -speed engine lathe & the ACU-RITE® digital readout system were delivered at our service center. We will install the digital readouts here before shipment.

If you have been following our blogs, you know that we have sold this ACER 1340G high-speed precision engine lathe that is very affordable & provides excellent performances.

Sold to a great new customer in Smithfield, Ohio, who is looking to purchase new equipment, this 1340G is the first of two machines that we sold to them.

Delivered to Rossi Machinery's Service Center we installed an ACU-RITE® digital readout system, selected by our customer & sold by Mike Rossi.

Mike worked with our customer to determine which digital readout system would best fit his applications. Since our customer just needed to know the accurate positioning, Mike was able to save him money & get him the positioning by selecting the ACU-RITE® DRO100. Positioning is all the DRO 100 does.

Our vast experience in service, installations, rebuilds & readouts makes it easy for us to install a different digital readout system from the one that comes standard from the factory. The ACU-RITE® has better quality, performance & longevity. Our service center makes it easy to add different features to our machine sales.

We added an ACU-RITE® DRO100 to this ACER 1340G lathe in our service center, allowing our customer to get a digital readout system better for their applications.
Adding this digital readout system at Rossi Machinery's service center , provides a better system for our customer's needs.

Once we installed the digital readout system at Rossi Machinery, we prepared to deliver this lathe to our

customer. We take shipping seriously.

The splash guard, coolant tray & other accessories are carefully packaged for the delivery to the customer in Smithville, Ohio
The splash guard, coolant tray & other accessories are carefully packaged for delivery

We prepare our shipments with the utmost care, knowing that in shipment we might experience bad weather, or other circumstances that can affect the machine's integrity if not properly secured.

Here we shrunk wrapped the splash guard, coolant tray & accessories, and placed them on a skid.

Going the extra mile for our customers is what makes us different than other distributors.

This 1340G lathe is being prepared to be delivered to our customer in Smithville, Ohio
This ACER 1340G lathe is ready for delivery. We ensure a safe delivery.

Care is taken to strap the machine securely to the pallet, ensuring that it will remain steady during the trip to the customer's business.

Once there we offer something a little extra to our customers.

We not only set the machine in place on the floor but we set it up for use by connecting the power, leveling the machine & showing the customer around the digital readout. Any questions that our customers have are answered here or if they think of something later, we take their call.

At Rossi Machinery we provide on going support & service for our sales because we have the know how, the expertise & we make support & service very important - even after the sale.

That's why we have so many customers who stick with us year after year & come back for additional equipment.

Every sale is an important sale to us.

Every customer is a valued customer. Let us know what you need.

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