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Salute to America's 4th of July!

Bring on the hot dogs, potato salad, chips & dip as we make our salute to America's 4th of July!

Not a better way to be thankful for our Country, our many veterans, volunteers, and workers from all walks of life, but to take a day to appreciate our Country, and what it stands for!

We have many Made in America products because we are committed to American Manufacturing, and the Manufacturing Industry. Our family roots run deep in the industry with Grandfathers & Uncles who worked in the Rubber shops of Akron, to our my father who worked making brake shoes for aircraft. A noble profession often overlooked but manufacturing makes our Country stronger. No reliance on foreign countries to keep us safe, keep our supplies strong, and to provide jobs for our people.

Mike Rossi, Founder of Rossi Machinery Services
Mike Rossi, Founder of Rossi Machinery Services

We started in manufacturing when it wasn't "cool" to be in it, but we saw the need, Mike Rossi became trained as a master German-style rebuilder & built a reputation for quality services & now for the best quality products & solutions for your shop.

Technician levels a machine
Technician levels machine

From the big "stuff" to the ACU-RITE® measuring, Heidenhain encoders, to ACER, JET, Baileigh, Wilton, Edwards and Powermatic, Rossi is there for you.

Working within your budget to find the right product or solution has always been our mission and remains so today.

So as we take this Holiday break, please remember that we offer all the support you need & if we can't help, it's our policy to just say so. We want our customers to be life long ones, and we have many that are.

Our holiday hours will be:

Closed July 3rd & 4th and back on July 5th to offer you all our best. Have SAFE & Happy Holiday from all of us at ROSSI MACHINERY SERVICES, INC.


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