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Rossi Machinery's Year 2023 in a Nutshell

Rossi Machinery's 2023 in a Nutshell
Rossi Machinery's 2023 in a Nutshell.

Rossi Machinery's Year 2023 in a nutshell.

And oh what a year it's been!

Our year started off with a little of everything we offer. And that is what makes working with us so great.

We offer so many valuable products, services & solutions.

HEIDENHAIN: Early in the year we began working with a #machinetoolbuilder who needed a Heidenhain system with mirroring systems. This was a elaborate set up that surely make a machine with high-precision, production. The system this company needed included as we said everything in duplicate but also the system's package had to be built. That's where our expertise in what a system needs to have came in.

Our extra care in adding delivery to our customers is just part of what makes us the best. We delivered this Heidenhain large order to the customer
This Heidenhain project required many measuring system parts. We delivered them to the customer. That's what we do!

Working with their company's representative, Mike Rossi, our founder, helped with all the system's parts needed down to the smallest connector & parts.

Having this system built took time so this customer received this system delivered by Mike Rossi a few months ago. Our sincerest thanks for their trust & we look forward to partnering in their other Heidenhain, Acu-Rite or any of our other products that they might need. This was a very successful and interesting project.

Estabrook's American Lathe Rebuild is a success
Estabrook's American Lathe Rebuild


Knowing that they would receive the full German-style of rebuilding we worked with another company in Berea Ohio.

What a well build machine tool that was well worth keeping by completely rebuilding it. Some machine tools don't rebuild well, but this American Lathe was a winner! Thanks to Estabrook in Berea, Ohio for putting your trust in us. As part of this rebuild Mike set up the rigger for the safe and easy return of this lathe. Our partners are the best.

START UPs: Helping a new company find the best, most affordable equipment is what we do! And we have done a few start-ups. So interesting is the different industries represented from coal capture to Total Gym, Mount Gilead, Ohio who is building the R&D for their company's workout equipment. Think Chuck Norris! This facility is sleek, efficient and offers a place to build and test equipment. We thank Total Gym for their business and being so easy to work with!

this ACER 3VK-ii was a great solution for Total Gym
The ACER 3VK-II was an affordable, high quality mill for Total Gym

Almost every shop or manufacturing firm needs a great #bridgeport-typemill and the ACER 3VK-II is no exception. Along with this powerful mill, they purchased a JET Band Saw #jetbandsaw, #bendingbrake, #benchgrinder and a #baileighwelder. All from us.

All arrangements and deliveries were handled by us. We saved them the cost of freight on the Jet products because we brought them in here (we get free delivery on anything over $2500.00) and we past that free delivery on to Total Gym.

Crane designed to help pull off the Wotan's headstock's back to get to the clutches.
Making a crane designed to help pull the back off of the headstock. The job: Clutches removed and replaced.

Finally, we helped rebuild a Wotan Machine Tool, specifically the removal and replacement of this machine's clutches. This job was performed completely by our lead technician, Trent Hitchcock. Pictured here is the crane that Trent designed for this job. This Wotan was not under a crane and in order to handle pulling the back off of the headstock we needed a crane.

This job was a success and we thank Enprotech in Cleveland for putting their faith in Rossi Machinery Services & Trent.

This Wotan is back in business.

Trent is a master at those big machine tools. G&L, Lucas and now the Wotan are under his belt. We are proud of our staff.

We could go on and on but you get the picture. We are your full product & service company for industrial equipment, machine tools, accessories, parts, products and affordable solutions created just for you. Thinking of a project down the road? Give us a call to see what we can do for you.


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