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As much as we like to do a machine tool rebuild, it is expensive and time consuming.

Take, for example, a lathe rebuild.

To restore the machine to new machine tolerances the bed of the machine must be re-ground.

In order for the bed to be re-ground, the machine must be completely disassembled.

The headstock needs to be removed and the bed removed from the bases.

Way grinding is an art just as is the refitting of the slides, aligning the headstock and restoring the tailstock to center height are. Unfortunately all of these tasks are both expensive and time consuming.

Parts: We are finding it increasingly difficult to source parts for legacy machines. Many of the companies have gone out of business, are not importing any more parts, or have such a limited stock, it sometimes is impossible to find the replacement part. Often they can not be manufactured either. It has become a dilemma that is increasing as legacy equipment grows older.

We can offer an affordable solutions to all these problems.

The ACER High Precision Engine Lathes are available in the Dynamic Series which features a geared headstock or if you prefer, an E-Lathe which offers infinite variable speeds with a high/low gear to maintain power.

Pictured below: The Dynamic 2180S. This particular lathe was purchased by a start-up in Michigan. They also purchased the ACER E-Mill™ to round out their shop. As the authorized ACU-RITE® Distributor, we installed digital readout systems on both machines before they shipped. Then we installed them and went over the machines with the customer.

ACER lathes are available from 14" x 40" up to 29" x 160".

All ACER lathes feature hardened and ground bed ways, hardened and ground gears in the headstocks, built-in coolant systems, over sized motors and inverters in the E-Lathes™ along with many other standard features.

Pictured Below: E-Lathe™ 1760V. sold to a local Ashland customer who couldn't find a good used lathe. He is very pleased that he went with the ACER Lathe; you will be too. ACER has a long history of quality, durability, high-performances and great part finishes.

ACER also offers many great deals in package pricing. Get more machine for less money with their Special Package Pricing.

Working with Rossi Machinery Services means that you get a quote for the rebuild as well as the new machine replacement.

We want you to have good informed choices. Our expertise in rebuilding helps customers understand all they need to know about a machine's performance We also support & service all we sell, something that not every machinery sales company or catalog can offer. We go the distance for you.

Call or E-mail me to find out what I can do for you. 866-622-4488 ext. 102 or

A Blog From Mike Rossi, founder of Rossi Machinery Services, Inc.


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