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People Products Places this week:

This week, like the others was jammed with exciting projects. We have People Products & Places this week to share for this week's round up.

ACER Rigid Head Bed Mill for a medical manufacturing firm.
New Rigid Head Bed Mill for a Medical Manufacturer.

When we say that we are your full product & service company for the industrial equipment world, we mean it!

We have expanded our offerings to include the woodworking industry, and other industries : Construction, Medical, Governmental. If it is a machine tool or woodworking, a tool, air filtration, hoists, we got it. We sell you the best fit at the lowest prices & we bring our expertise & support to everything we sell.

World-class service on everything you purchase is not a guarantee. Not all distributors have the salespeople who are also the technician. Our business model is inclusive for you.

Our name is on this company. We make you our priority. And oh how many different things we cover. Several quotes went out this week on everything from Powermatic to JET to ACER, ACU-RITE® and installations for our products.

Rotary, Angular, Angle Encoders

From a New CNC machine tool for medical manufacturing to a HEIDENHAI

N system put together by our experts for a machine tool builder.

This HEIDENHAIN System will provide precision, productivity, & parts without waste. This is twice the system as there will one in the lead and one that follows.

Now that's a BIG machine!

AND speaking of HEIDENHAIN, we are proud to announce the "Bridge Between" Adapter Kit marrying HEIDENHAIN & ACU-RITE controls. Yes, in their constant R&D, Heidenhain has a solution that brings their two companies into a collaboration if you want.

ACU-RITE TURNPWR control now integrates with Heidenhain.
ACU-RITE & HEIDENHAIN providing integrations for you

We are excited for this development. You will benefit from this new product development.

ACU-RITE Bridge Adapter Kit.
ACU-RITE Bridge Adapter Kit.

The Bridge Adapter PCBA allows our MILPWR user base to interface a MILLPWR or TURNPWR 0EI console, or HEIDENHAIN'S TNC 320 using the SAME AC system components ACU-RITE provides for bed mills.

ACU-RITE'S AC Servo Box provides the most commonly used machine interfaces for up to three controlled axes, plus spindle. HEIDENHAIN's TNC 320 can be ordered for small machine tool applications, such as a VMC with a tool changer, or a simple upgrade solution for a machine where the iron is still good but has an outdated control.

HEIDENHAIN's TNC 320 Control
HEIDENHAIN's TNC 320 Control

This Bridge Adapter Kit will help schools, production environments, and small shops with installing a HEIDENHAIN TNC.

Quoting replacement systems on some machine tools is very easy. From our highly sought after ACU-RITE®, & HEIDENHAIN to the FAGOR option, we have a system for you.

See our "Specials Page" for the ACU-RITE® 10% OFF a full system.

Installing a digital readout system on Legacy equipment takes an expertise & we have it.
A G & L is a Legacy Equipment machine tool

When it comes to legacy machines, it's handy to work with us because we understand just how to assemble a system, ensuring that you have all the features, brackets, & displays you might need and then make the install on a machine tool that was never designed for digital readouts. It can be done & we are the


And finally, as your authorized JET distributor we keep you informed on all the promotions & sales from every one of their companies. Just a quick reminder that the EDWARD's Ironworker promotion is still on going until June 30th.

The promotion provides you with a lot of free stuff! Check it out. The next special is coming soon so check out our "specials page" on our website. There you will find all of JET's promotions & sales and Rossi Machinery Sales offered exclusively by us.

It's time to say goodbye to another busy week (that's the way we like it!), take a break and see you for what is new next week.

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