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Ford's Lathe installation of the DRO system by us.
We offer installation on our sales; not everyone does.

Today, ACU-RITE® installed at Ford's facility. . This time , we offered Ford Motor Company, our expertise, then the sale and today the Installation service.

With choices in measuring systems from Rossi Machinery Services, we offer all of the possibilities to our customers.

For the finest and most precise machining, we offer our customers the HEIDENHAIN product lines: #heidenhainproductsdistributor.

Another angle of the Acu-rite DRO system installation at Ford's facility.
Another angle of the DRO installation at Ford's facility

But in this case, Ford Motor Company only needed the accuracy of ACU-RITE®, still extremely accurate but not for high precision jobs.

Ford chose the DRO 102 system for this machine's upgrade. Once they settled on the system, we offer installation for a fee but can ensure proper installation.

Although it sounds like it would be very easy to install one of these system, many times customers have trouble getting them to install properly. Ford chose to have us properly install this system today. Ensuring the equipment that you purchase from our company has the right installation can be the difference between needing a service call, breaking a part or in the case of machine tools sales, the leveling of the machine. As we say often it is the little extras that we provide that make a difference.

Ford Motor Company's lathe getting the Acu-Rite DRO 102 installed by us.
ACU-RITE®'s DRO 102 being installed on a lathe at Ford Motor Company

Whether you are #fordmotorcompany, or a #smallmachineshop, we treat you the same. We take pride in our sales and support all our sales.

Our offering span all of manufacturers' product needs, machine tools and industrial equipment. With so much to chose from and prices you can't beat, give us a call for your next product, machine tool, or industrial equipment need.


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